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August 29, 2012

Shortly after I started this  blog, I posted “AGONY – MISERY.”  This was on March 20, 2010.  Since that date there have been 1,886 views for that post (2010 – 412, 2011 – 872, & 2012 – 602).  This is amazaing to me.  It makes me wonder if people were searching on the net for something about “AGONY” or “MISERY.”  I guess I will never know.  I have had comments from men who trained at Fort Knox and were very familiar with those two hills and the fact they were very appropriately named.

One commentor reminded me about another hill.  “HEARTBREAK HILL.”  I had totally forgotten about the third hill and I appreciated the reminder.

Kagodsey commented and told me he had visited Fort Knox recently and had taken pictures of ‘HEARTBREAK” and offered to send them by Email.  Of course, I was interested.  They arrived this morning.

Linear perspective from this pic

Hi Jerry,  down the hill a bit–if you notice that is a large commercial backhoe and dump  truck at the bottom of “Heartbreak.”  It was the mid 1970’s when I was 17  years old when I humped that hill.  I am just amazed today I was  then…Proud to be US ARMY!!  Thank you for your service friend!

I remember a visit from one of my Army friend’s brother in the spring of 1956 before we shipped out for Germany.  This brother had been told about AGONY AND MISERY and wanted to see them.  We drove him to the hills and he laughed because we had to march up and down these hills.  Down is just about as bad as up.  He was still in high school and informed us that he could run up MISERY.  We removed him from the vehicle and invited him to have a test run up the hill.  He did real well…for about 1/3 of the way.  Then he moved to the shoulder and stuck out his “hitch-hiker’s” thumb.

This picture was posted on the “AGONY – MISERY” blog.

I got my picture on the internet.  My new friend, Kagodsey, sent a much better one.

Our leaders didn’t just let us ride to one of these hills to play.  When we marched out to the rifle range or other training area, we had to tackle one of these hills.  Then, after a long march out to train, we marched back to the barracks and had to attack one of these hills again.  It really wasn’t so bad unless one of your group collapsed.  Then we were allowed to carry him back to our area.  I never understood why the vehicles with the RED CROSS on the side didn’t carry them back.  But, I learned very early in my military career that it was not necessary for me to understand.


I don’t know why people will search the internet for AGONY, MISERY, and HEARTBREAK.   Do they want to know about the hills at Fort Knox?  Are they looking to see if anyone else is experiencing AGONY, MISERY, and/or HEARTBREAK?  You may be able to find some help on the internet for these feelings, but there is one place you will always find relief.  AT THE FOOT OF JESUS.  God has given us many promises in His word.  He is true to His promises and in Him you will find the solution to AGONY, MISERY, and/or HEARTBREAK.