Pam and I spent a quiet day at home on July Fourth.  Late in the afternoon Pam prepared the makings of shish-kabobs.  I grilled some Italian sausage to the “almost done” stage.  She cut them up, along with mushrooms and zucchini, and I grilled the kabobs until done.  She also baked a large pan of zucchini bread with a topping of cream cheese.

Last Thanksgiving we had spent a great holiday at the beach.  Lyndsey joined us and it was a really special family holiday.  I knew the beach house had television and WiFi, so I was ready for the Thanksgiving Day game between my Longhorns and those Aggies.  We arrived at the beach on Thursday morning  and, after unloading the Escalade, I immediately began checking to see if the television service would broadcast the game (ESPN, I think).  No luck.  No ESPN.  But, we had taken Pam’s laptop and with WiFi, we were able to listen to the game.  I had programmed our TV to record the game at home in our absence.

Now back to July Fourth.  We record our favorite programs on our TV and then watch them later when there isn’t a Longhorn baseball game to attend.  We have been watching and deleting programs and have left the Thanksgiving Day game on the recorder.  It’s a special game.  This was the last game with the Aggies unless they schedule a non-conference game in the future.  It was a special game for me because the Horns won, along with the help of the Aggies in blowing another half-time lead.

It occurred to me in mid-afternoon that I hadn’t watched the game.  I had intended to, but I realized I had been saving if for the appropriate time.  July Fourth seemed like the appropriate time.  It was a day I was thankful to live in a country that had a special day to celebrate and give thanks for the freedom that many men and women have given their lives to preserve.  It was also a time to be thankful for a Longhorn victory over the Aggies.

It took about six hours to watch the game with time out for napping, cooking, and eating.  By half-time, I told Pam I was just as nervous as I would be if I didn’t already know the final score.  By the way….at the end, the Longhorns won the game with the same score as on Thanksgiving night.

I also was able to see the tribute the Longhorn band presented to the Aggies at half-time.


On mid-nite, June 30th, the Aggies officially severed all ties with the Big 12 conference and I wish them the best as they compete in the SEC.

I didn’t delete the game from my recorder and will probably watch it many times in the future.


On this Fourth of July there are many things I am thankful for.  I am thankful for a God who has allowed me the privilege of living in freedom in this nation.  I am thankful for good health to enjoy the family God has given me.  Pam and Lyndsey bless me each day as they honor me.  So, as I look back, look around me each day, and look to the future, I am truly blessed. God is truly an awesome God.


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