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July 27, 2012

Rest Stop at Quanah, Texas

Pam and I enjoyed our trip to the Texas Panhandle last week.  After stopping for fresh produce and a Starbucks in Tyler, we settled in for a long drive.  We are normally in the Fort Worth area at lunch time and this was no exception.  On one of Pam’s trips without me, she discovered a great Mexican food restaurant on the north side of town.  Many times I try to find a new dish and I ordered a Taco Salad, loaded with quacomole…it was really great.

After leaving the restaurant we took the Hwy 287 exit and headed to the panhandle.  Pam had told me about a really nice rest stop at Quanah, Texas (picture above).  Texas does the greatest job with providing stops for travelers.  I personally think Texas does the best in many things, but I am of course, prejudice.

When we arrived at the rest stop, Pam told me about the sign below:

Are you kidding me???  I had never heard of a rest stop that provided rattlesnakes.  The rest stop was surrounded with flower beds and shrubs, so I guess rattlesnakes had been spotted, and hopefully captured, in the past.  The restrooms are located on the inside of the building as well as outside.  Pam is smarter than me.  She chose the inside restroom and I chose the walk-in outside one.  Rattlesnakes can’t open doors but they can slither through open passageways.

I don’t like snakes…dead or alive.  It’s not too bad taking a pit stop during the day, but with a sign about watching for rattlesnakes, a stop at night is just not okay with me.


This reminds me of Adam, Eve, apples, and the serpent.  The apples were attractive just like the rest stop.  There are many things that are attractive to us, but we must never let our guard down.  Most of the time, it’s not like the rest stop…there are no visible warning signs.  So we must always be alert and seek God’s guidance in all things.



July 26, 2012

Each morning our alarm on the radio awakens us with the screaming of a preacher.  I don’t know who he is because I immediately turn off the alarm.  It’s a little too early for  me so I reach over and touch Pam and tell her it’s time to get up.  I still have about 20 or 30 minutes to sleep.  She walks at the park each morning and needs a little wakeup time before she leaves for the park.  Every once in a while she will go back to sleep and this morning was one of those times.  This morning she dozed for a few minutes and as I started to awaken her she started laughing.  When she was fully awake, I asked her what was so funny.  She didn’t remember.  She will probably recall later in the day.

But, laughing is good.  It serves us in many ways.  It will relieve us of stress or just bring a brightness to our day.  Maybe she just needed a little brightness because I know there is no way I bring stress into her life…well, maybe sometimes.

I started this blog in February 2010 and the second blog was posted on February 12, 2010 “THREE THINGS TO DO EACH DAY.”  Those three things are CRY, MEDITATE, AND LAUGH.  I have found those actions work for me.

Last month Pam was helping Lyndsey decorate her new apartment in Austin.  She has a built-in desk and they decided it would look good, and give more space, if I would build shelving to sit on the desktop.  Lyndsey and I measured, measured, measured, and measured in order for me to draw plans and make the shelving unit.  I have drawn the plans, purchased the materials for the shelves.  Last night I cut all the pieces with my radial arm saw and tonight I will begin sanding.  After that, it will be time for assembling, staining, finishing, and hand rubbing.

Lyndsey will have knee surgery on Monday and we will be traveling to Austin on Sunday to be with her.  The shelving unit will not be finished, but I will complete the project next week after I leave Austin.  Pam will stay and do her nursing duties while  I return to work.  Then I will return to Austin to bring Pam home and also deliver the project.  After all the measuring and planning I am hopeful the shelves will fit just right.  It should fit because I measured twice and  cut once.  If they don’t, it may be time for CRYING, MEDITATION, AND LAUGHING.  All three will relieve the stress if the unit doesn’t fit.


With all three of these actions, we also need to cover all situations with prayer.  It never hurts to do a little singing.  There is one song that always fits, but I don’t  remember the title.  But some of the words, and the most important words, are:  HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS.


July 6, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I visited with a friend in the bank lobby.  I have known him for over 30 years and worked with him 25 years at the bank.  I knew he had been ill and away from the bank the prior week, so I asked how he was feeling.  He was feeling much better and for some reason he mentioned what happened when he was much younger.  His sister was having bad problems with her tonsils and his parents decided to do a “two-fer.”  They told the doctor to remove his tonsils also.  He never understood the reasoning behind that.

It caused me to remember the same thing happened to me.  It was a little different in my case, but it was still something I didn’t understand.  My older brother (probably 10) was having tonsil problems.  This was a time when you went to the doctor’s office on Saturday morning, was put to sleep and tonsils removed and then went home.  For some reason, my parents were also going for a “two-fer.”  I don’t know whether it was a two-for-one sale or not.  But both of us were having a tonsillectomy.  When Saturday morning came and we arrived at the doctor’s office, my brother chickened out…he was scared.  So, I volunteered to be the “guinea pig” and have mine removed that day and he could see if I survived the knife and he would have his procedure the next Saturday.  I had no problems.  I was in bed one day and everything was back to normal the next day.  He was then prepared to undergo his own tonsillectomy the next Saturday.  He was SORELY disappointed.  He was in bed for a week and in pain for an additional week.  This is one of  those things I never understood.  He had tonsil problems and the doctor removed mine.  My tonsils were healthy.

Another thing I never understood was when my brother was attacked by a dog.  He was on the road between our house and my cousin’s house.  We owned a German Shepherd and my cousin had a Collie.  When my brother began to scream, both dogs heard him and came to the rescue.  They were vicious and rescued my brother.  He was probably 8 or 9 at the time.  I don’t remember who, but someone caught the dog, killed it, and shipped the head to Austin to determine it if was rabid.


I was about 5 years old and didn’t understand any of this, but it really didn’t matter.   Our dogs had rescued my brother and that was great with me.  Then came the part I didn’t understand.  I am sure my brother had to have some type of shots and/or medical treatment.  But, the part I really remember is having to go to the doctor every day for two weeks for a series of shots for rabies.  For a 5-year-old it didn’t  make much sense for me to take shots and my brother was the one bitten by the dog.

The part I remember about the shots was being placed in a chair with arms the wrapped around me and trapped me.  Then the doctor would give me a shot in the stomach.  I remember dreading each trip to the doctor.  So, this was another thing I just never understood.  (By the way, the dog was not rabid)


Now looking at the present from a Spiritual point of view.  There are a lot of things about God and the way He works that I don’t understand.  But, that really doesn’t matter.  I know I am in His hands and He is in control.  The Bible tells me that His Ways or not my ways and I don’t really have to understand.  I must put myself in His Hands and by faith trust in Him.


July 5, 2012

Pam and I spent a quiet day at home on July Fourth.  Late in the afternoon Pam prepared the makings of shish-kabobs.  I grilled some Italian sausage to the “almost done” stage.  She cut them up, along with mushrooms and zucchini, and I grilled the kabobs until done.  She also baked a large pan of zucchini bread with a topping of cream cheese.

Last Thanksgiving we had spent a great holiday at the beach.  Lyndsey joined us and it was a really special family holiday.  I knew the beach house had television and WiFi, so I was ready for the Thanksgiving Day game between my Longhorns and those Aggies.  We arrived at the beach on Thursday morning  and, after unloading the Escalade, I immediately began checking to see if the television service would broadcast the game (ESPN, I think).  No luck.  No ESPN.  But, we had taken Pam’s laptop and with WiFi, we were able to listen to the game.  I had programmed our TV to record the game at home in our absence.

Now back to July Fourth.  We record our favorite programs on our TV and then watch them later when there isn’t a Longhorn baseball game to attend.  We have been watching and deleting programs and have left the Thanksgiving Day game on the recorder.  It’s a special game.  This was the last game with the Aggies unless they schedule a non-conference game in the future.  It was a special game for me because the Horns won, along with the help of the Aggies in blowing another half-time lead.

It occurred to me in mid-afternoon that I hadn’t watched the game.  I had intended to, but I realized I had been saving if for the appropriate time.  July Fourth seemed like the appropriate time.  It was a day I was thankful to live in a country that had a special day to celebrate and give thanks for the freedom that many men and women have given their lives to preserve.  It was also a time to be thankful for a Longhorn victory over the Aggies.

It took about six hours to watch the game with time out for napping, cooking, and eating.  By half-time, I told Pam I was just as nervous as I would be if I didn’t already know the final score.  By the way….at the end, the Longhorns won the game with the same score as on Thanksgiving night.

I also was able to see the tribute the Longhorn band presented to the Aggies at half-time.


On mid-nite, June 30th, the Aggies officially severed all ties with the Big 12 conference and I wish them the best as they compete in the SEC.

I didn’t delete the game from my recorder and will probably watch it many times in the future.


On this Fourth of July there are many things I am thankful for.  I am thankful for a God who has allowed me the privilege of living in freedom in this nation.  I am thankful for good health to enjoy the family God has given me.  Pam and Lyndsey bless me each day as they honor me.  So, as I look back, look around me each day, and look to the future, I am truly blessed. God is truly an awesome God.