I received a telephone call yesterday morning from one of my cousins to inform me of the death of our cousin Scooter.  Scooter’s name is really Horace, Jr but he’s been known by Scooter since I can remember.  He grew up in Stockman, Texas, a small community in East Texas.  This is the community where I was born in the bedroom about a mile from DOWNTOWN.  There was not much of downtown…a general store and a church.  The only thing remaining today is the church.  The store has been closed for years.

Scooter’s dad owned the store and was also the Postmaster.  He later taught school and became the superintendent of the Garrisons schools where he served for many years.  The family lived above the general store, so Scooter was known by everyone in the community.

One of the early toys Scooter owned was a tricycle.  His dad sold John Deere tractors and all the parts that were needed, so he had a salesman that visited the store on a regular basis.  I can remember him riding his John Deere tractor tricycle.  He fell in love with John Deere tractors and loved them his entire life.  One day the John Deere mechanic from Center arrived at the store and told Scooters dad that he came to fix Scooter’s tractor.  In checking, it seems Scooter had called the dealer in Center and told them he needed his tractor fixed.  So, being a good customer of the dealership, they sent a mechanic to take care of the problem.  The tricycle was repaired and the mechanic was on his way.

At the age of eleven, Scooter was operating the farm tractor and hiring out to other farmers as time permitted.  After graduating from high school, he entered college and, as I remember it, he only spent a few weeks there before coming home to begin living his dream…riding a tractor.  He spent the remainder of his life working on the ranch living his dream.

Scooter died at the age of 65 on Monday and although I haven’t seen him lately, I am sure his John Deere tractor was greatly improved over his first tricycle.  How did he die?  He was riding on his tractor when he collapsed and never recovered.  HE WAS RIDING AND LIVING HIS DREAM.


 As we go through life, the successful way of LIVING OUR DREAM is to include the Wisdom of God in all things we do.  Sometimes we think God only wants a part of the major events in our life, but He wants to be a part of everything we encounter.  My dream is not to be riding a tractor, but I want God to be walking beside me as I continue living my dream..


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