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May 11, 2012

On March 27 I posted a blog titled “ONIONS.”  The picture below shows how I planted the onion sets laying horizontally on the ground.

This morning I took a picture of the onions showing the results of “JUST A LITTLE RAIN.”  As you can see below, my onions are standing vertical and it’s almost time to beginning thinning them to eat fresh onions.  I always plant them close together and thin for use at our table along with other fresh vegetables.

I took this picture early this morning during “JUST A LITTLE RAIN.”  It’s not a real clear picture, but the onions are growing taller each day.  You can see where I have started to apply mulch from mowing the lawn.

After planting the onions, I also planted cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash, jalapeno peppers, and yellow bell peppers.  When I purchased the squash plants (8) I also selected what I thought was zucchini.  Someone had placed straight yellow squash in the wrong place and I ended up without any zucchini.  I now had 8 yellow and 4 straight yellow squash.  As fast as squash produce, I knew I would be covered up with squash.  That’s okay, they are easy to give to others.  I did get 4 zucchini plants, so I will have plenty of those…just a little later.

This is what the garden looked like after everything was planted.

Now, after “JUST A LITTLE RAIN,”  you can see the results (taken this morning).

We have been feasting on yellow squash for over a week now and have blessed others with the overflow of fresh produce.  I also picked my first cucumber a few days ago and will have more in a few days.  The tomatoes and peppers are coming along very well and after “JUST A LITTLE RAIN” they will be ready for harvest very soon.

Since I planted, I have been watering every few days.  During that time, we have had “JUST A LITTLE RAIN” and it is easy to see the effect of rain versus city water.  There is nothing like heavenly rain to make the garden grow.  We had a good rain early this morning and are expecting more tonight and tomorrow.  It’s good for the garden but bad for baseball.  Jasper High School’s baseball team is again in the playoffs and may have a little problem playing two, or three (if necessary), games tonight and tomorrow.

A few days ago, I grilled yellow squash on my gas grill.  If you like squash and have never tried them grilled, you are missing a treat.  It you don’t like squash and have never tried them grilled…you are still missing a treat.  If you are interested, I will be happy to share my recipe.  It’s very easy and painless.  They only pain I experienced was waiting for them to come off the grill.


 Over the years I have found out that “JUST A LITTLE HEAVENLY BLESSINGS” from God is much like gardening.  You can use city water and get results, but when God blesses you with Heavenly rain, there is no comparison.  God created each of us for His pleasure and to be blessed with a relationship with Him.  In time of trouble we can do all that’s in our power to overcome and have some measure of success.  But when even “JUST A LITTLE RAIN” of Heavenly Blessings come from God, it is beyond measure.  It is amazing the difference between a little from God versus a lot from our own effort.  I hope you are blessed by reading this blog and receive “JUST A LITTLE RAIN” from our Heavenly Father.



May 8, 2012

I received a telephone call yesterday morning from one of my cousins to inform me of the death of our cousin Scooter.  Scooter’s name is really Horace, Jr but he’s been known by Scooter since I can remember.  He grew up in Stockman, Texas, a small community in East Texas.  This is the community where I was born in the bedroom about a mile from DOWNTOWN.  There was not much of downtown…a general store and a church.  The only thing remaining today is the church.  The store has been closed for years.

Scooter’s dad owned the store and was also the Postmaster.  He later taught school and became the superintendent of the Garrisons schools where he served for many years.  The family lived above the general store, so Scooter was known by everyone in the community.

One of the early toys Scooter owned was a tricycle.  His dad sold John Deere tractors and all the parts that were needed, so he had a salesman that visited the store on a regular basis.  I can remember him riding his John Deere tractor tricycle.  He fell in love with John Deere tractors and loved them his entire life.  One day the John Deere mechanic from Center arrived at the store and told Scooters dad that he came to fix Scooter’s tractor.  In checking, it seems Scooter had called the dealer in Center and told them he needed his tractor fixed.  So, being a good customer of the dealership, they sent a mechanic to take care of the problem.  The tricycle was repaired and the mechanic was on his way.

At the age of eleven, Scooter was operating the farm tractor and hiring out to other farmers as time permitted.  After graduating from high school, he entered college and, as I remember it, he only spent a few weeks there before coming home to begin living his dream…riding a tractor.  He spent the remainder of his life working on the ranch living his dream.

Scooter died at the age of 65 on Monday and although I haven’t seen him lately, I am sure his John Deere tractor was greatly improved over his first tricycle.  How did he die?  He was riding on his tractor when he collapsed and never recovered.  HE WAS RIDING AND LIVING HIS DREAM.


 As we go through life, the successful way of LIVING OUR DREAM is to include the Wisdom of God in all things we do.  Sometimes we think God only wants a part of the major events in our life, but He wants to be a part of everything we encounter.  My dream is not to be riding a tractor, but I want God to be walking beside me as I continue living my dream..