Rough Road Signs

A few weeks ago while traveling to Austin for our weekend Longhorn baseball adventure, I noticed this “ROUGH ROAD” sign on the side of the road.  This sign was located a few miles east of Huntsville on Highway 190.  I was westbound and on my return trip I forgot to check to see if the same sign was on the eastbound side of the highway.  Surely it is.  I have driven this route many, many times and this was the first time I had noticed the sign.  I have, however, noticed the highway from Jasper to Huntsville (about 100 miles) is indeed rough.  I don’t need a  sign to make that determination.  Since I first saw this sign I have been looking for an additional sign that will inform me when and if there are any plans to do something about the problem.  I am positive the highway department is aware of the condition of the road…well, maybe not positive, but whoever erected the sign is aware.

It’s really no big deal to me.  I will continue to drive the same road each time I travel to Austin.

This is another of my favorite signs.  “BE PREPARED TO STOP”….DUH!!!  It’s been a long time since I studied for my driving test, but I know the booklet must have included the instructions to always be prepared to stop.  I don’t know how many millions of miles I have driven, but with the drivers I see on the highway these days, I try to be prepared for almost anything.


The road we travel in this world is a ROUGH ROAD.  I don’t know when the highway department will take care of the rough roads, but I know God will smooth the road of life when we put our trust in Him.  Through our trust and faith in Him we are able to navigate the rough roads we face each day and know that we are in Good Hands.  The road may continue to be rough but as we overcome through Him, but we are strengthened by each and every bump.


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