“Bastard Cabbage”

We drove to Austin Friday for another weekend of Longhorn Baseball.  We always look forward to the drive each spring and the Bluebonnets and other wild flowers along the way.  Central Texas is always beautiful this time of year.  We normally travel through College Station, but this year we opted to change our route through Brenham.  This is normally a more scenic drive and the roads and fields are covered with flowers.

We stopped in Brenham at “Must Be Heaven” for lunch.  They had a new item on the menu – “PBLT.”  Pam thought it might mean “Peanut Butter, Lettuce, and Tomato.”  But, substitute Peanut Butter for Pimento Cheese and that’s what I ate.  Very good!

We saw only a few Bluebonnets between Roans Prairie and Brenham, so we decided to wait to take some pictures after we left Brenham.  Still only a few wild flowers.  But, what we did notice was the shoulders and fields were covered with yellow flowers.  We finally decided these plants had choked out the wild flowers.

So, this morning I checked out what these yellow flowers were….”BASTARD CABBAGE.”  I like cabbage, but these were weeds.  Bastard Cabbage is a bad invasive plant.  When we first saw the fields covered with these yellow flowers, we thought what a nice wild flower they were.  They are not nice at all.  They are keeping the Bluebonnets and other wild flowers from showing their beauty all over Central Texas.

This plant originates from Eurasia, has been in the northern United States for some years, and has finally hit Texas and finds Central Texas conditions about perfect.  It is more invasive here than in other parts of the country.

Just as “Bastard Cabbage” invades the countryside and chokes out the beauty of nature, we can be attacked by the weeds of life.  If we let these weeds go unchecked, we lose the beauty within each of us.  That also affects the outward beauty.  Well, I don’t have any idea of how to control the invasive Bastard Cabbage.  I do know how to maintain both the inner and outer beauty that comes only from God.  We must fill ourselves with the Beauty of God….His Word.  Then we will be filled with His Peace and Beauty.  I saw a sign on a church Sunday afternoon that explains it.  ‘WE MAKE THE CHOICE AND  GOD MAKES THE CHANGE.”

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