I have traveled many miles during my lifetime and am both amused and frustrated at signs on the highway.  We have signs of warning and some for information and rules of the road.  Here are some of the signs I see often:

I’m not sure the sign is for “Skid Tires on Pavement” or there is some kid on the loose with mud, paint, or ink on his/her hands.

Another sign I see often is the yield sign.  From my experience this means that you are to look (if you want to) as you pass through an intersection.  Many times it doesn’t get as much attention as when you get a statement of your investments and see what the yield (rate of return) is.

What this sign really means is to speed up and see if you can beat the oncoming traffic while making your turn.

You are on your own here.  I thought I knew the meaning of this sign, the the above circumstances baffles me.

Don’t worry, just follow the arrows.  You will be okay.

Are you enjoying this yet?  Are we having fun yet?  How much longer until we get to Grandma’s house?

This sign is located at the intersection of “WALK” and “DON’T WALK.”


Road construction signs are some of my favorites right along with “MEN AT WORK.”  I have actually seen construction going on, but not always.  More times than not, there are no men working.

  Another sign that is almost always misleading to me.  NO CENTER STRIPE.  When I encounter this sign, I look and there is a center stripe as far as I can see.

Here are a few of my pet peeves on my adventurous travels.

    *  “LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY” – Everyone is passing.  I find it’s a lot faster and easier  to stay in the right lane.

   *  “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT”  – Are you kidding.  The right lane is the fast lane.  The left lane is mostly for pickup         trucks and SUVs.  You get a special permit when you buy this type of vehicle.

   *  “PASSING LANE AHEAD”  –  This means veer left when you get to the passing lane.  It is not necessary to have any vehicles in front of you.

   *  “MAXIMUM SPEED 75 MPH – MINIMUM SPEED 45 MPH”  – I believe this sign means do not EVER drive under 70 mph or over 45 mph.

By now, you are probably wondering if I am crazy or just bored.  You are right!  I have worked hard all week, it’s Friday afternoon, the Longhorns are playing at Kansas State, and we will be forced to watch the games on the computer.


Below the ***** is where I usually have some kind of lesson or words of wisdom.  When I started with the title “SIGNS OF THE TIMES,” I am sure I had something in mind.  I got so carried away with getting to the ***** I need to recapture my original thoughts.

I believe the SIGNS OF THE TIMES are very disturbing.  The economy and morals of this once great nation have been sliding downward more and more each year.  It is time for leadership that will lead us in a different direction than we are currently going.  This can only be accomplished by joining arm in arm, praying to our God and remembering that He will never leave us.  He  is doing His part and it is time to stand firm and do our part.  In the Old Testament, many times Israel is reminded of how God  delivered them from Egypt.  We must look back and remember all the blessings God has bestowed in the past and walk forward hand in hand with Him.


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