March 18, 2012 was Pam and my 34th anniversary.  If you have read this blog before, you know we love adventures.

Day 1 of a 34-year Adventure

Honeymoon in the Bahamas

 25 Years Later

And now for the current…celebrating 34 years:

March 17, 2012

As you can see, I have done a pretty good job in the past 34 years.  Not that I need anything to remind me of our anniversary, but just in case I forget, when I see everyone wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day, I better have plans for the next day.

These past 34 years have really been an adventure.  To me an adventure sometimes includes the rare and unusual things that life has to offer.  So for this year my plans included new and different things.  I told Pam on Thursday to pack for a two-day adventure.  She asked what should she pack.  I told her to just pack what she normally would when I take her out.  At first, she just looked at me, and then said OK.  All I would tell her was the time we were leaving on Saturday.

We traveled to The Woodlands for a stop at Starbucks and then a movie.  I know that women like movies like “The Vow,” so that was the movie I selected.  Normally I would think this a “girlie” movie, but it’s a great movie for all wives and husbands.

I had located a hotel in the Houston Galleria area with an unusual name and it was  little unusual, but really nice.

The decor was a little wild but really nice.  It was tucked away behind the Galleria and not a hotel you would pass by and discover.  I had not selected a restaurant for dinner, so I began my search after we checked in.  I discovered this restaurant in River Oaks  and called for reservation.

When I called for reservations, the young lady asked if it was for a special occasion, so I told her it was for our anniversary.

We love seafood and the Chef Holley at PESCE prepared some of the best that we had ever experienced.  It is definitely worth a return trip.

The manager visited our table and presented this Anniversary Dessert ….he said it was his favorite.  It was really great and compliments of the restaurant.  What a deal!

After dinner, Pam told me she thought I might take her to Guadalajara del Centro, in downtown Houston.  The have a really great Guacomole salad we had with our lunch when attending The College Classic at Minute Maid Park a few weeks ago.  But, she was happy with my decision for Pisce.

The next morning we checked out and headed to the Guadalajara del Centro which was the only definite plans I had made.  She didn’t realize where we were going until we passed by the restaurant.  So, we had a great brunch which included the Guacomole Salad.

So, after brunch it was time to go back to the real world, so we headed home.  Pam said it was the best Anniversary of our adventure because it was not about gifts or “stuff.”  It was just about US!

It was a great weekend adventure sharing one another and the love that we have for each other.  The past 34 years has been one great adventure with many ups and downs, but looking back as asking, “Would I do it all over again?”, my answer is yes….a thousand times yes!

We had watched The Texas Longhorn baseball team come from behind on Friday night in Norman to defeat the Sooners in 12 innings.  Pam kept up with the game on Saturday by Twitter and the Longhorns won again.  We arrived home on Sunday in time to watch most of the game and Texas won again.  A perfect weekend just became more perfect.


I said earlier that I had done a pretty good job with Pam the past 34 years.  Now I must confess that it wasn’t me…God has watched over us all these years through the ups and downs, and has truly blessed us.  And just as Pam said, the adventure we have with God is not about the material things in life but the relationship we have with Him.  I look forward to having another 34-year adventure with Pam and the relationship we have with each other.  That relationship is only possible because we are under the watchful eye of God along with the touch of His gentle hand.



  1. AwkwardinAustin Says:

    I love the pictures. As Hannah said recently… You guys really are ‘just livin life’

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