It has been a very interesting 2012.  Interesting from the standpoint that I have had a series of problems coming my way.  It all began before Valentine Day.  As you can see from the pictures (Post:  “CREATIVE OR MESSY” 7/21/11) below, my shop was in need of attention.  I have had a number of projects to complete since that post and it was time for some organization in the shop.

Well, I disposed of a lot of scrap lumber from my projects, put my tools in the proper place, and stacked the usable lumber in its place.  Then it was time to use my Shopsmith Dust Collector to remove all the sawdust and sanding dust which covered the entire shop.  Big job, but I had to get started.  Everything went pretty well and just as I finished with the dust collector, I smelled something electrical burning and smoke was coming out of it.  I turned it off…after a few minutes I turned it back on and NOTHING.  That finished me for the day.  Later, I got the necessary tools (I could find them now because I had just put them in their proper place) and began the job of finding out how to get to the electric motor.  It was not a simple chore, but with patience, I was able to dismantle the collector and remove the motor.  There were about a dozen screws and bolts to be removed and I placed them on the counter in groups…hoping that I would remember where each came from.

I had to drive to Lufkin (55 miles) to have the motor checked out…IT HAD DIED!  I order a new motor from Shopsmith and PATIENTLY waited for the arrival of the new motor.  While waiting for the motor, I would go to the shop every couple of days to look at the screws and bolts to keep in fresh in my mind where each needed to be returned.

My motor arrived and I was able to install it.  I wish I had taken a picture of the dust collector while it was just a pile of parts waiting for attention.  Here is what it looks like after managing to get every part in its proper place.

 While waiting PATIENTLY for my electric motor from Shopsmith, Valentine Day arrived and my responsibility was to determine how to celebrate the occasion with my Valentine….Pam.  The thought of dining out with others just didn’t seem as great as grill steaks on my Charbroil and spending a nice evening at home.  After I lit the burners on the grill, I notice the flames were not as high as normal, so I had to make adjustments to my cooking time to get Pam’s steak just raw enough and my steak just cooked enough.  So, after waiting PATIENTLY during the extra time needed for our steaks, the Valentine dinner was great.

A few days later, I checked the burners and discovered I needed to replace the burners and crossover tubes.  I contacted Charbroil and ordered the necessary parts and, at present, am PATIENTLY waiting for their arrival.

Burners and crossover tubes

So, now everything is great….right?  While waiting on the Charbroil, I experienced a little mishap with my electric service line to my shop.  I looked out the kitchen window while home for lunch last week and this is what I saw.

My electric service pole had rotted at ground level, and we had a strong wind that morning so my pole broke and was being held up by the electrical wires.  I left work a little early that afternoon and dug up the part of pole that was still in the ground…about three feet deep.  My plans were to remove the “stump” and place the pole back in the hole.  After digging around the “stump” I tried to pull it out of the ground with no success.  I either had to dig deeper in the red clay or get my trusty Cadillac Escalade tractor and pull it up.  So, Escalade to the rescue and I was able to remove the stump and place the pole back in the hole.

Now, I discovered one of the insulators where the wires attach to the shop building had  pulled loose when the pole broke.  Also, one of the wires had also broken so I needed to make a trip to town for the part necessary to splice the wires back together.

With darkness approaching, I had to wait PATIENTLY for the next day to finish my electrical job.  The next morning I finished with everything and I now have electric service to my shop.  I have a couple of projects for Lyndsey, so I need electricity.  I brought her coffee table back from Austin to refinish and she also sent me a picture of medal holders for her last two 1/2 marathons.  I told her to be PATIENT last night while I take the time to refinish the coffee table to restore its original beauty.  I will probably be able to make the medal holders in between the refinishing stages.


I learned years ago to never say “What now?”  I have always considered myself to be a man of PATIENCE, but sometimes God must feel I need a few more lessons.  God allows difficulties and problems to come into our lives to increase our faith in Him and then we have that experience to remember and use in the future.  Not only is there a lesson in PATIENCE, it brings with it a lesson in humility.  So, I am thankful for a new lesson in PATIENCE and the knowledge that whatever comes my way, I know that God is still in charge and sovereign over all things.  Not only do I learn how to repair dust collectors, grills, and electrical service, I get to learn about the Spiritual things from God.  Both are useful.  Both are important.  Both can be used to overcome those difficulties that will come my way in the future.  This is how I learn to continue to place my faith in God and remember that He wants a part of all things that come my way…both small and large.


4 Responses to ““PATIENCE””

  1. David Black Says:

    Patience, and 2012. How true. It is almost like Our Daily Bread.
    It is the will of God that we should all lead healthy, hapy lives full of joyous experience; that we should develop freely and steadily.
    Patience is the steady part. At least that has held true for 2012.

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    You ARE a patient man

  3. Giovanni Paskoff Says:

    Great post, you have pointed out some superb points, I besides think this is a very excellent website.

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