Last Thanksgiving I wrote about the adventure Pam and I had in Austin at Hudson’s on the Bend.  This restaurant had a special Thanksgiving menu and their specialty is wild game.  Great time!

For this year’s adventure I did a little advance planning and presented my idea of a Thanksgiving adventure to Pam and Lyndsey.  With no hesitation…they were both in!!

We did our traveling on Thanksgiving Day and met Lyndsey at our destination.  Thanksgiving day was celebrated on Friday.  Thursday, upon arrival, I checked to see if I could locate the TV channel for the Longhorn vs Aggie game.  It was not carried, so I listened on the website and used my imagination.  I recorded the game at home so I would be able to witness the end of a long-time rivalry.

Sea Haven 

Front Deck Overlooking Beach

View of the Gulf

 Sunset – Thanksgiving Day

Sunset – Thanksgiving Day

 Pam & Lyndsey – Viewing Beach

Jerry & Lyndsey – Viewing Beach

Sunrise – Friday Morning

We had a great family adventure during our Thanksgiving weekend.  I took many pictures, especially of the food.  This was our most unusual Thanksgiving Day with travel on Thursday and giving thanks on Friday.  I’ve wanted to go to the beach in the winter for years.  There weren’t a lot of people so it was just a great time to relax and do family.

The Longhorns won the game and that was great.

I will include other pictures of our adventure on a later post.

We all agreed it was the best Thanksgiving Day we had ever had.  It will be hard for me to dream up an adventure for next year.  Maybe I should begin today.

The greatest part of the holiday was the presence of God in all we saw and did.



  1. Pam Says:

    Absolutely perfect trip. I cannot wait to see where we are a year from now. I know it will be perfect cuz i will be with family, the most important part. I am thankful

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