Lyndsey’s Sleigh Bed project is coming along pretty well.  The plans call for 1-1/4″ wood.  This would require a special order to get all the necessary materials.  I decided to use regular lumber (Poplar) which is 3/4″ thick.  I have never understood why lumber that is 1″ thick is only 3/4″ thick and lumber that is 6″ wide is only 5-1/2″ wide.  It really doesn’t matter, because “it is what it is.”  I only purchase the lumber I need for each step of the project.  That helps with trying to store all the lumber in my shop.  So, by using 3/4″ lumber, it has been necessary to glue two boards together for each part.  This makes the thickness of each piece 1-1/2″ and really makes for a sturdy bed.  In the middle of the project I realized that I was really sawing two pieces for each piece…I am making TWO beds that will only be ONE.

Lyndsey has asked me to take pictures of the entire process.  I guess she plans to make a documentary of my efforts and sometimes frustrations.  There are about 80 pieces to the bed and it calls for really precision measuring, sawing, router work, etc.  This is only important if you want the bed to be square and level with all legs planted firmly on the  floor.

While all the different stages of construction are in progress, I get an e-mail from Lyndsey.  She plans on making a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” and wanted a stand.  She usually sends me a picture of something and says, “Daddy, can you make this?”  My answer is always “yes.”  I may not know how, but I am a problem solver and believe I can figure it out.  The “figuring” is the most exciting part…almost!  The real excitement for a request from Pam and/or Lyndsey is being able to do a project for them.

So, this request is not something to be delayed until the new year.  It’s a Christmas thing.  I have many, many scraps from the bed project, so the materials are no problem.

So, this is my solution.  I thought it would be nice to make a stand that could be easily stored, so I used PVC with a set-screw to stabilize the “tree.”  The PVC is also connects the to legs on the stand.  The stand can be taken apart by removing the PVC or just folded up as show in the picture.  So this small project came in the middle of the much larger project.

Are you interruptible for someone else’s needs?  We are fortunate that there is One who is always interruptible for our needs.  I guess the real word is “available” for our needs.  We have a God who is omnipresent and is a real multi-tasker.  Jesus sits at the right hand of God and intercedes continuously for our cares and needs.  As a husband and father, I always try to be interruptible for the needs of Pam and Lyndsey.  Sometimes I am not aware of the cares or needs and need to be prompted by them.  God is always aware of our needs and is just waiting for us to speak to Him.  He wants a part of everything we do and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  It is not an interruption to Him.  He is just always there for us and available at all times.  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for our blessings.  It is a special time to give thanks but is a reminder to give thanks daily for these blessings.

Pam, Lyndsey, and I have a very special Thanksgiving holiday planned and I know we will be blessed by being together.  I wish a very special Thanksgiving Season for each of you who read this post.

So, be blessed of God and “Hook-em Horns” on the annual Thanksgiving Day Game!!!



  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Love love love it….and a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Be Blessed and Hook ‘Em!!! Our t.v. has been out for a week…David has done lots of reading….I am praying to have it fixed by the weekend….David will be watching at Whitney’s. Please pray for peace. HA!!!!!

  2. pam Says:

    we took some great pics jerry…so thankful for you and your availibility to me and your daughter…you i am most thankful for…

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