As many of you know, I am an avid baseball fan…Longhorn and local highschool.  I remember a sign at the highschool baseball field that is attached to the new brick wall on the first and third base sidelines.  It reads, “DON’T SIT ON TOP OF THE WALL.”  It’s been there for quite a while, but suddenly it struck me as a little amusing.  I understand why it’s dangerous to sit on top of the wall.  What was funny is that I have never tried to sit on the SIDE of a wall.  It may be possible for some, but it’s impossible for me.

Earlier in the week I was at a local barbecue restaurant and they had a sign advertising 2 lbs of barbecue that stated you could make 8 quarter pound sandwiches.  Well, I know that 8 x 1/4 lbs = 2 lbs, but maybe it must be explained to someone else.

I was living in Port Arthur years ago and we experienced high water during a hurricane.  There was a drive along the seawall that was under water.  The street is a one-way street and there was a sign that read “ONE WAY DO NOT ENTER.”  The water was so high it was level with the bottom of the sign.  My brother took a picture of the sign.  I am sure nobody tried to drive this route with water up to the car windows.  But, I am not sure.  I have seen cars stranded under overpasses that had signs on the bridge that read “CLEARANCE 16 FEET.”  The water under the overpass was only 2 or 3 feet below the bridge span…DUH!

When I lived in Port Arthur, there was a real good barbecue restaurant in Bridge City.  There was a sign posted that gave the price of barbecue with sauce and without barbecue sauce.  The price was higher per pound without the sauce.  This seemed a little odd to me so I checked into it further.  Barbecue sauce has weight so you get less meat.  The owner had discovered that more barbecue was sold without sauce so he raised the price for an order of meat only.  It’s called retail pricing for achieve maximum profits.

Below are some unusual signs that you might find amusing:

I hope you enjoyed the signs.  Everyone needs something to laugh about each day.  Especially in the current trying times.

The signs we observe in the world today are often funny and/or weird.  Many of them are rules and regulations to be obeyed in order to not get in trouble with the law.  With God, it’s a little different.  Well, maybe not a little different, but a lot different.  God’s Word gives us commands.  There is little room for doubt with these commands.  They are given to us that me might find and remain in a relationship with Him.  There is very little to not understand.  The reason for this is that is God’s Truth.  Disobedience to His commands is much worse than violating the traffic laws and other laws of the land.  We are blessed when we keep His commandments.  We are not always successful, but because of God’s Grace we are forgiven and can continue in our relationship with Him.


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