If you are regular reader of my post, you will recall my latest woodworking project.  I have just finished a cabinet for Pam and have started a Sleigh Bed project for Lyndsey.  Without exception, each project I have must start with a purpose.  Normally, the plans I design have specific measurements depending on where the finished product will be placed.  So, I guess each project is a special order and custom-made.  Not only are they a special order for the final location, but they are a special order because each is built for someone special.

The PURPOSE at the beginning of each project is to reach the final goal…placing it at the planned location.  However, during the entire project I may run into problems that call for making adjustments for a specific PURPOSE.  In building the raised panels for the headboard and footboard for the sleigh bed, I needed to use my table saw for the angle cuts on the edges.  The panels are 54 inches long and I discovered I could not place them on the saw table because my ceiling was too low.  This required me to move my Shopsmith to the shed on the side of my shop.  This caused a problem because the equipment is very heavy and I am only one.  But, I got it moved.  After making some trial cuts on scrap wood, I discovered another PURPOSE.  My table saw fence is only about 4 inches high, so in order to achieve the proper angle cuts, I had to build and attach a larger fence.  This is one of those PURPOSES that pops up from time to time in many projects.  When I had remodeled our kitchen, I had saved the cabinet doors and they were just what I needed for the extended fence:

Table saw, extended fence, and panel

Many times the new PURPOSE I encounter requires a lot of patience.  But, I am a problem solver and enjoy the challenge.  I was able to make the cuts for the raised panel with the assistance from a friend who came by to borrow a sander.

I was reading The Maxwell Leadership Bible discovered something about PURPOSE in Phillippians 1:12-18:

Purpose:  Paul Stayed on Mission, Even in Prison

Paul might have been forgiven had he chosen to take a little sabbatical as he sat in prison, awaiting his trial.  Yet he used even this opportunity to advance the gospel.

Paul was a leader who never drifted from his mission.  He determined to leave his mark wherever he went.  George Washington Carver wrote, “No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.”

How did Paul’s sense off purpose keep him in the battle as he sat in prison?  What did he learn behind bars?  Consider the following:

1.  A PURPOSE will motivate you.

2.  A PURPOSE will keep your priorities straight.

3.  A PURPOSE will develop your potential.

4.  A PURPOSE will give you power to live in the present.,

5.  A PURPOSE will help you evaluate your progress.

So, having a PURPOSE doesn’t apply just to woodworking.  We encounter many PURPOSES in life and God is always there for each new encounter…..and adventure.
































































2 Responses to ““PURPOSE””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Good Word Brother!

  2. Pam Says:

    I know my greatest purpose and I am so thankful

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