I have not seen my upper lip for over 40 years because I have had a mustache that long.  I lived in Bryan/College Station for about six years and nobody ever saw me without my “stash.”  As a matter of fact, I met Pam in College Station, where we married, and she has never seen me without my mustache.  In fact, none of her family has ever seen me without it.  We have lived in Jasper for over 33 years and nobody here has ever seen my upper lip.  The last time anyone saw me with the mustache, was when I lived in Port Arthur.  Yesterday morning when I began shaving, Pam asked if I was going to shave the mustache off.  Coincidently, I had just wondered if I had an upper lip and what did it look like after all these years.

Last night before we went out to eat, I asked Pam if she would take the scissors to my mustache after dinner so I could use the razor and shave it all off.  She was shocked, but agreed.  She also wondered if she would like me without the mustache and I told her I would grow it back if she didn’t like a hairless upper lip.  SO……………………………………………………

THIS IS WHAT I LOOKED LIKE OVER 40 YEARS AGO.  Well, almost.  BL (before Lyndsey), I had dark brown hair.  I always tell her the is the reason for all the gray hair.  She’s never seen my without my mustache either.  I know I haven’t changed in the last forty years because I look in the mirror each morning when I shave and ask my self if I look any different.  The answer is no, I look just like I did yesterday.  However, after looking at these pictures, I notice the gray hair and wrinkles have mysteriously appeared.  Oh, well, I guess that’s life.

I’ve grown 10 or 12 beards over the years.  A few years ago I grew a beard for an Easter Production at church.  I kept it for a few weeks after the production and then shaved it off…except the “stash.”  About a week or 10 days later Pam noticed I was without beard and I told her it had been gone for over a week.  This morning when I came to the office, only one person noticed I was “stash-less.”  I swore him to secrecy to see if anyone else would notice.  It’s been a couple of hours, and so far, I have no comments.  I also went to the beauty shop for a haircut and my hair stylist didn’t notice I had a bare upper lip.  The strange thing about that is she always trims my mustache each time I get a haircut.

There is one time in our lives when people see a change or A NEW LOOK in us.  Years ago when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, people saw the change in my outward appearance.  I at last had a look of peace about me that was visible to the world.  People may not be able to see the changes that occur to us within, but there is One who sees not only the change in our appearance but the changes that occur in our heart.  God looks at our hearts because that’s the most important change to Him.  The change that occurs within our heart is what makes possible the deep personal relationship we have with Him.  It is the changes in our heart that affect our actions and relationships with others and as a result they are able to see “A NEW LOOK” in us.


One Response to ““A NEW LOOK””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Wow!!! Lookin’ good brother

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