After much delay, my project for Pam has been completed.  It took about nine months to complete.  This spring, if you can believe it, was Longhorn baseball season.  That always makes for a busy time for Pam and I.  We are Texas Longhorn fans in general, but we are very serious Longhorn baseball fans.  After the season was over, the Texas heat arrived and so many days it was just too hot to get enthused about anything….except getting cool.

So, I’m finished with Pam’s bookcase or cabinet…I really don’t know what to call it.  She wanted this built to place in Lyndsey’s bedroom.  As you can see, she does a great job of decorating.  In our home, and Lyndsey’s apartment in Austin, you can witness her decorating talents.  She changes the decoration in our home as the seasons change.  Now everything is decorated with autumn objects and colors.

I finished this project a couple of weeks ago while Pam was visiting her parents in Panhandle and spending some time at her high school reunion.  She was real excited when she returned home…excited about filling the cabinet with her “stuff.”

So, I’m finished…with this project.  But I am in no way finished.  Lyndsey has been next in line and waiting patiently.

She has requested a queen size sleigh bed.

This project will be quite a challenge.  There will be about 70 to 80 pieces requiring very precise measurements and cuts.  Most of my projects have been done from pictures in catalogues, etc. where I had to draw my own plans.  This time I actually have detailed plans for the sleigh bed.  I have shown pictures of the entertainment center I built for Lyndsey.  The only reason for these pictures is to show the  color of stain to be used on her bed.  It is the same as the entertainment center…Ebony.  It’s actually a dye rather than a stain.  The wood is dyed and then five coats of finish are applied.  The last step is to hand rub the piece with steel wool, oil, and rottenstone.

So, she will not have a blond bed….it will be Ebony.

There will be many hours involved in the new project, so I also must work on scheduling problem.  I work five days each week, every other Saturday is yard mowing time, Longhorn football games, and just the normal things that pop up in life.  That’s not the real problem.  Not only is Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon, Longhorn baseball will begin in late February.  So, in February, I really need to be to the point of saying, “I’m finished!!”

Speaking of finished:  I am so thankful for the words Jesus said on the Cross as He gave Himself freely for our sins.  “IT IS FINISHED.”  His presence and work in this world was finished.  He was going to heaven to sit at the right hand of The Father on our behalf.  It was then that His work was continued through The Spirit….that work continues today.  We are not finished.  We are a work in progress and we will not be completed until we join a loving God in Heaven.  So, I guess the truth is:  “I’M NOT FINISHED!”


2 Responses to ““I’M FINISHED!!””

  1. RCJohnson Says:

    Woodworking has been my hobby for many years and I have many projects that worked out great. An old man told me to just take my time and keep my mind free of evil thoughts. Seems to work for me!

    • JBBurrows Says:

      Thanks for the comment, RC. After the many years of woodworking, I find much peace in my shop. When we have our attention focused on
      the good things and blessings of life, it is easy to keep our thoughts free of evil. Most of my projects are created for a special person, a special
      location, and with patience and love. May you have God’s blessings in your life.

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