Eighty years ago,  the United States had no Federal agencies.  WOW, unbelievable unless you are old enough to remember.  So, what was the purpose of government?  Exactly what the Constitution required…protect the citizens.  The purpose of government was not to PROVIDE for the citizens, it was to protect them from our enemies whether they be within or outside the nation.  The individual states took care of the needs of the people.  How did they do that?  The people helped each other.  How novel!!!

It’s all about “WE THE PEOPLE.”

In 1900, a terrible hurricane hit Galveston, Texas.  Galveston was rebuilt by The State of Texas, not the Federal government.  The people took care of each other.  They even built their own protection from future hurricanes.  From within the state, granite was provided from The Blue Hole Quarry in East Texas, as well as other quarries around the state.  Texas provided its own protection because the threat was not from enemies of the nation.  Texas provided its own materials and took care of business.  This provision came from our Creator through our natural resources…or should I say supernatural resources.

Today, look around you and see how the Federal government has bypassed the provisions of the Constitution and feels it must provide for its citizens.  I can see very few, if any, occasions where government has been successful in its attempts to be our provider.  It usually ends up disastrous.  The only true success of government has been in protecting us from  our enemies.  We have been attacked, but the gathering of our citizens under the direction of government have always been successful in repelling these attacks.

We have become a nation of people “Under Government” rather than a nation “Under God.”  So, how can we not understand the problems we face today?  The government has taken over the nation and the only solution is for the people to be responsible for taking back the nation and look to The One who is sovereign over all the world.  It is time for us to put our faith in our Provider and once again become a great nation, UNDER GOD!


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