From the Wisdom Book:


is an empty box.

It remains empty unless

you put in more than

you take out.

Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr)

This is so true.  It not only applies to marriage, but many other areas of our lives.

This works well with friendships.  Actually, it is the only way to have successful friendships.  I do disagree with the above quote in a way.  In most cases we really get more from a friendship than we put into it.  Or, maybe the quote is true and we receive a much greater return on our investment.  It’s a matter of “risks and rewards.”  Our risk of being real and true cannot measure up with the reward received.  To be a great friend, you must make yourself always “available and interruptible.”

The same rule applies to our bank accounts.  The banks are not really happy with us when we write checks for more than our deposits.  The great part of depositing more than we withdraw is our savings begin to accumulate for that rainy day that may be around the corner.  There is a great comfort in building a “nest egg.”  Friendships are the same way…knowing that there’s a friend who will always be there when needed.

Another area this is applicable is in our work whether it be working for ourselves or for someone else.

From the Wisdom Book:

The biggest

mistake you can make

is to believe that you work

for someone else.


Work well done is art.  Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  If you concentrate on putting everything into you work (after family), the rewards are great.  When I worked at Texaco in the labor department, one of the men told me that if I applied myself I wouldn’t feel so guilty that I would need to back up to the pay window to receive my paycheck.  Just like marriage and bank accounts.  Make more deposits than withdrawals, and the rewards are great.

In these areas, as well as many others, we must be willing to give “what it takes.”

The relationships and other things in life I have mentioned are all “horizontal.”  The most important relationship in life is the “vertical” relationship.  That is our relationship with God.  To have successful vertical relationships, we must first have that “vertical” relationship….with God.  In that relationship I don’t believe we can deposit more than we withdraw.  I don’t see any possibility to out give God.  I do know that we can give Him great pleasure when we take pleasure in the things He provides for us.  It is not about what we receive.  It is all about the Creator of those things.  When we take pleasure in those things because they come from the Creator, that brings Him great pleasure. That is WHAT IS TAKES.


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