I have been writing on the blog for about 18 months now.  During that time there have been 5,781 hits on my postings.  I often wonder what people are looking for when they happen upon one of  my articles.  Mostly I write about events in my life that may or may not be of interest to anyone.  I do enjoy the  memories though.  Many times I write about my family because those are precious  memories.

The most viewed posting is “Agony – Misery,” posted on March 30, 2010…1,032 hits.  I wonder if people use their search engines to find out about “agony” or “misery.”  Are they in agony or misery?  Do they know someone with those troubles.  The post is about “Agony Hill” and  “Misery Hill” at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Maybe they just “googled” Fort Knox.

Almost all of the comments posted are from current or prior service men who have experienced the training at Fort Knox.  A few of them have pointed out another hill that I had forgotten.  It is named “Heartbreak Hill.”  The hills are appropriately named for the feelings you have when you ascend or descend them.  I especially appreciate comments from both veterans and current who have or currently serve our great nation.  I gives me the opportunity to thank them for their service and pray God’s blessing on them.

Each Sunday at church, we stand and honor those fallen heroes of the past week.  Each military person who was killed during the week (picture, name, rank, age, and home-town) is shown on the screen.  It is both a sad and proud moment, to honor those who have paid the price for freedom around the world.  We should give thanks daily for these men and women, as well as those currently serving around the world.

Maybe some of the hits are from parents of men and women training at Fort Knox and they are curious about their son or daughter trying to explain about “misery” and “agony”…..and “Heartbreak.”

Maybe some of these internet surfers are experiencing misery, agony, or heartbreak and think they can find the answer there.  Or, maybe they are seeking to see if someone else is having the same troubles in life.

Not only have I experienced the hills named misery, agony, and heartbreak, there have been times that the non-hill troubles have either crept into my life….or sometimes charged in boldly.  These times occurred before the internet, so I definitely did not find the answer there.  In truth, the answer is not on the internet, but it is possible you can find a reference or link to the Real Answer.  There is really only one answer and that is The Creator and Savior…Jesus Christ.  There may be found temporary relief on the internet (a “feel good” moment), but for long-term, everlasting relief, the only answer is God.  In Him is the  peace that overcomes the troubles in this world.


2 Responses to ““WHY?””

  1. free iphone 5 Says:

    Thanks, I’ve recently been seeking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  2. Chris F. Says:

    Except that only men train at Fort Knox in basic training or AIT. Why? Because the MOSs trained there are combat arms MOSs. Only men can be in combat arms branches.

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