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August 26, 2011

Eighty years ago,  the United States had no Federal agencies.  WOW, unbelievable unless you are old enough to remember.  So, what was the purpose of government?  Exactly what the Constitution required…protect the citizens.  The purpose of government was not to PROVIDE for the citizens, it was to protect them from our enemies whether they be within or outside the nation.  The individual states took care of the needs of the people.  How did they do that?  The people helped each other.  How novel!!!

It’s all about “WE THE PEOPLE.”

In 1900, a terrible hurricane hit Galveston, Texas.  Galveston was rebuilt by The State of Texas, not the Federal government.  The people took care of each other.  They even built their own protection from future hurricanes.  From within the state, granite was provided from The Blue Hole Quarry in East Texas, as well as other quarries around the state.  Texas provided its own protection because the threat was not from enemies of the nation.  Texas provided its own materials and took care of business.  This provision came from our Creator through our natural resources…or should I say supernatural resources.

Today, look around you and see how the Federal government has bypassed the provisions of the Constitution and feels it must provide for its citizens.  I can see very few, if any, occasions where government has been successful in its attempts to be our provider.  It usually ends up disastrous.  The only true success of government has been in protecting us from  our enemies.  We have been attacked, but the gathering of our citizens under the direction of government have always been successful in repelling these attacks.

We have become a nation of people “Under Government” rather than a nation “Under God.”  So, how can we not understand the problems we face today?  The government has taken over the nation and the only solution is for the people to be responsible for taking back the nation and look to The One who is sovereign over all the world.  It is time for us to put our faith in our Provider and once again become a great nation, UNDER GOD!



August 24, 2011

From the Wisdom Book:


is an empty box.

It remains empty unless

you put in more than

you take out.

Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr)

This is so true.  It not only applies to marriage, but many other areas of our lives.

This works well with friendships.  Actually, it is the only way to have successful friendships.  I do disagree with the above quote in a way.  In most cases we really get more from a friendship than we put into it.  Or, maybe the quote is true and we receive a much greater return on our investment.  It’s a matter of “risks and rewards.”  Our risk of being real and true cannot measure up with the reward received.  To be a great friend, you must make yourself always “available and interruptible.”

The same rule applies to our bank accounts.  The banks are not really happy with us when we write checks for more than our deposits.  The great part of depositing more than we withdraw is our savings begin to accumulate for that rainy day that may be around the corner.  There is a great comfort in building a “nest egg.”  Friendships are the same way…knowing that there’s a friend who will always be there when needed.

Another area this is applicable is in our work whether it be working for ourselves or for someone else.

From the Wisdom Book:

The biggest

mistake you can make

is to believe that you work

for someone else.


Work well done is art.  Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  If you concentrate on putting everything into you work (after family), the rewards are great.  When I worked at Texaco in the labor department, one of the men told me that if I applied myself I wouldn’t feel so guilty that I would need to back up to the pay window to receive my paycheck.  Just like marriage and bank accounts.  Make more deposits than withdrawals, and the rewards are great.

In these areas, as well as many others, we must be willing to give “what it takes.”

The relationships and other things in life I have mentioned are all “horizontal.”  The most important relationship in life is the “vertical” relationship.  That is our relationship with God.  To have successful vertical relationships, we must first have that “vertical” relationship….with God.  In that relationship I don’t believe we can deposit more than we withdraw.  I don’t see any possibility to out give God.  I do know that we can give Him great pleasure when we take pleasure in the things He provides for us.  It is not about what we receive.  It is all about the Creator of those things.  When we take pleasure in those things because they come from the Creator, that brings Him great pleasure. That is WHAT IS TAKES.


August 17, 2011

What are “doodlebugs”?  They are Antlions, a group of insects in the family Myrmeleontidae.  So now you know.  The  larva in the picture above is a doodlebug.

Antilion larvae trails (doodles) in sand. 

The adult is sometimes called Antilion Lacewing

Sand trap with remains of ant

The antilion larva is often called “doodlebug” in North America because of the odd winding, spiralling trails it leaves in the sand while looking for a good location to build its trap, as these trails look like someone has doodled in the sand.

This post is not to explain what a doodlebug is.  When I was growing up, I didn’t know  anything about antilion larva or antilion lacewings….doodlebugs were just doodlebugs.  To me, they were just toys to watch and fill my summer days.  There was not a lot of money for toys, so I normally just made do with those things that were plentiful around us.  I would ride “stick horses” made from Sassafras saplings.  I would harvest the right size sapling, strip the limbs, and tie a strip of cloth or heavy twine to use as reins.  When I arrived at my destination on my stick horse, a felt almost like I had run or walked the entire distance.  Of course, I need to have a gun to be a cowboy, so I would cut a forked stick (Sassafras) in the shape of a pistol.  Mother never knew I had been shooting my pistol because there was never any GSR (gunshot residue) for evidence against me.  We lived on the Appleby Sand Road and that was the correct name….it was covered by very deep sand.  When it was really hot in the summer, I would have to ride my stick horse (barefooted) from one shade to the next…..then rest while my feet cooled and ride to the next shade.

Now, back to my story about doodlebugs and them being one of my toys.  Out house was supported by brick columns and one side of the house was probably four feet off the ground.  It was pretty cool under the house and there were usually many doodlebug traps for ants.  The traps were built by the doodlebugs by throwing sand to the side with their front claws (much like crab claws) until there was an inverted cone-like hole.  When an ant accidentally fell into the trap, the doodlebug would begin throwing the sand out as the ant tried to climb out of the trap.  This would cause the ant to continue to slide to the bottom of  the trap until the doodlebug grabbed it with its claws and pull it under the sand.  I don’t know what happened next…I assume the antilion ate the ant.

The way I used them as toys was to catch an ant and throw him into the trap.  Then I could watch as the ant frantically tried to climb out of the trap.  I think it was frantic.  If I were the size of an ant and there was a doodlebug with large claws, I would have been frantic.  I could watch this game for what seemed like hours…maybe it was only minutes.  Sometimes I would root for the ant and other times I would root for the doodlebug.

I have been reading about pure pleasure.  I have come to realize that we serve a generous God who wants us to enjoy pleasures and gifts from His hands (creation).  As He delights us, we bring back pleasure to Him.  In the beginning, He created all things for His pleasure.  His gifts to us are not to control us, but for us to appreciate and honor the Creator as we enjoy the creation.  It is much like the relationship with parents and children.  We give to our children because of our love.  That gift of love has no strings attached.  The gift is not the important thing.  The most important thing is the relationship between the giver and the receiver.  That is the way it is with the gifts and blessings from God.  It is all about Him and His love for us and the pleasure we experience  by the gift and returning that gift of love to Him.


August 12, 2011

I have been writing on the blog for about 18 months now.  During that time there have been 5,781 hits on my postings.  I often wonder what people are looking for when they happen upon one of  my articles.  Mostly I write about events in my life that may or may not be of interest to anyone.  I do enjoy the  memories though.  Many times I write about my family because those are precious  memories.

The most viewed posting is “Agony – Misery,” posted on March 30, 2010…1,032 hits.  I wonder if people use their search engines to find out about “agony” or “misery.”  Are they in agony or misery?  Do they know someone with those troubles.  The post is about “Agony Hill” and  “Misery Hill” at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Maybe they just “googled” Fort Knox.

Almost all of the comments posted are from current or prior service men who have experienced the training at Fort Knox.  A few of them have pointed out another hill that I had forgotten.  It is named “Heartbreak Hill.”  The hills are appropriately named for the feelings you have when you ascend or descend them.  I especially appreciate comments from both veterans and current who have or currently serve our great nation.  I gives me the opportunity to thank them for their service and pray God’s blessing on them.

Each Sunday at church, we stand and honor those fallen heroes of the past week.  Each military person who was killed during the week (picture, name, rank, age, and home-town) is shown on the screen.  It is both a sad and proud moment, to honor those who have paid the price for freedom around the world.  We should give thanks daily for these men and women, as well as those currently serving around the world.

Maybe some of the hits are from parents of men and women training at Fort Knox and they are curious about their son or daughter trying to explain about “misery” and “agony”…..and “Heartbreak.”

Maybe some of these internet surfers are experiencing misery, agony, or heartbreak and think they can find the answer there.  Or, maybe they are seeking to see if someone else is having the same troubles in life.

Not only have I experienced the hills named misery, agony, and heartbreak, there have been times that the non-hill troubles have either crept into my life….or sometimes charged in boldly.  These times occurred before the internet, so I definitely did not find the answer there.  In truth, the answer is not on the internet, but it is possible you can find a reference or link to the Real Answer.  There is really only one answer and that is The Creator and Savior…Jesus Christ.  There may be found temporary relief on the internet (a “feel good” moment), but for long-term, everlasting relief, the only answer is God.  In Him is the  peace that overcomes the troubles in this world.