I was privileged to serve with the U S Army in Germany with a unforgettable character.  I auditioned for the band when I arrived at my base in Germany.  I was brass section leader in the band and shared a room with  two other GI’s.  One was a fellow trumpet player from San Jose, California named Guy.  The other was a baritone player from Duncan, Oklahoma.  This was my unforgettable character by the name of Dan.

Dan had many stories to tell and as thought about a subject to write about today I remembered this story about “the last chicken.”  Dan was a butcher in civilian life.  Duncan is not a large town so everyone knew everyone.

One Saturday Dan’s meat market was very busy and he was getting pretty low on chicken.  As a matter of fact, he had only one fryer left.  I don’t remember the woman’s name, so I’ll call her Mrs. Smith.  Dan kept his poultry iced down in a “coke” box like the picture above.  This is a Nesbitt’s Orange cooler, but back in those days a “coke” was a Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Root Beer, Orange drink, etc.  Well, Mrs. Smith told Dan she needed a fryer for Sunday dinner.  He slid one side of the cooler open and retrieved the only chicken he had.  Placing it on the scales, he asked her if this was the size she wanted.  She asked if he had one a little larger.  NO PROBLEM.  Dan put the chicken back in the cooler, slid the lid closed, and slid the other side open.  He shuffled the ice all around like he was selecting another fryer, reached to the other side of the cooler, and retrieved the only chicken he had.  Placing it on the scales, he again asked if this one will be okay.  She informed him that it was just fine, but on second thought she would like to take both fryers he had shown her.

One Chicken

Or Two Chickens

CONFESSION TIME!!!  A red-faced Dan had to admit his deception.  But, small town folks are just like family, so they both had a good laugh.

We must take care in our deceptions.  Sometimes we are successful and sometimes not so successful.  Often we can laugh about them, but many times people are too happy to be deceived.  When we attempt to deceive God, it just won’t work.  We can fool ourselves, but God already knows how many chickens are in the cooler.  Our friends and neighbor may laugh but God takes it a little more serious.  Integrity is our actions when no one is looking.  That’s they way we should be in all things and then we are not worried whether God is looking or not.  Have a blessed day and enjoy your fried chicken this Sunday.




One Response to ““THE LAST CHICKEN””

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Uh oh! He got caught. It was going pretty well until she wanted both!

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