I always try to stay neutral on politics when I write a post on this blog.  I don’t know whether that is bad or good.  I do have an opinion on what’s going on in the  political scene today.  I say “political” scene rather than “governmental” scene because to me there is a real difference…in my opinion.

One party is not looking for a candidate for  president, so I can only address the other party.  I am still waiting for just the right candidate to enter the race.  None of the current candidates impress me.  The front-runner lost against the eventual winner who wasn’t a strong candidate himself.  And that’s all I will have to say about that, except the winner is almost as old as me.  I have more direct and indirect business experience than he did.  And, I believe that being president of this nation is similar to being a CEO or business owner.  As a matter of fact, the same holds true for all the candidates so far.  They have a lot of experience being politicians and a few have business experience.


I keep reading in the news that Governor Rick Perry may throw his hat in the  ring in a few weeks and has already gotten permission from his wife.  I asked Pam if I had her permission.  At first she said yes, and then decided it was too big a price to pay for living in Washington.  She did give her permission to run for Governor of Texas if Perry runs for the presidency.  She would be ready to move to Austin tomorrow.

I have tried to think of the qualities I would bring to either office:

What you see is what you get!   After seeing an example of “transparency,” I’m not sure if this is good or bad.

I’ll do what I say.  Honesty and integrity seem to have been lost in recent years.

If I am elected, I will stop campaigning for the next election.  It makes sense to me to do my job “for the people” and not the government and if successful, I won’t need to campaign to be re-elected.

Enforce existing laws and protect the Constitution.  We have an abundance of laws, both good and bad.  We don’t need new laws to replace the laws that are not being enforced.

So, AM I TOO LATE?  If not, should I choose state or federal?  Oh, I forgot.  Pam said no to Washington.  Maybe she can be persuaded otherwise, if a candidate doesn’t show up.

Don’t worry about me being too old.  I consider myself as being only middle-aged, because I intend on being around until age 119.  My plans are to live real fast until I die, and then just taper off.

I know I have many other qualities…to many to list.

My best quality is probably to live for God, family, and  country…and in that exact order.

Let me know:  AM I TOO LATE?


3 Responses to ““AM I TOO LATE?””

  1. David Black Says:

    It’s not to late for either if Perry throws his hat in. I will move to Austin and be Lt. Governor. Anything to get back to God’s Country and our of this backward thinking city.

  2. pam Says:

    i truly believe if people knew your views, i could live my dream..
    austin, my husband being seen for who he really is and most of all,
    God being honored in the great state as i believe the honorable
    Ric Perry has done~pam

  3. Lyndsey Says:

    I think I could be pretty happy in the Governor’s mansion.

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