Pam’s Birthday Dance

Pam’s real birthday was a couple of days ago (Wednesday) and not the entire month of July.  We do celebrate her birthday a number of times during the month.  This picture was taken at her work place during a birthday party for her.  She works a couple of days each week for a local physical therapist.  Working a couple of days each week gives her a break from being home alone.  The main reason she works is because she loves being around people.

Pam’s birthday dance  is not just for birthdaysThat’s just my name for it on Wednesday because it was her birthday.  When they have a birthday party at her office, she always does “the dance” regardless of whose birthday it is.  The young ladies, and men, at work just watch with the jaw agape.  I don’t know whether it is in shock, envy, or they think she may be a little crazy.  But, she is a free spirit and it brings her happiness…so, it if feels good:  Do it!  You will notice in the picture that she had been given a birthday cone hat.

She also does “the dance” if a Longhorn baseball player hits a home run.  She didn’t get to dance for home runs as much this year.  The ‘Horns only hit 19 compared to 81 in the 2010 season.  Much more dancing going on last year.  She will also dance after a win.  Then, of course, she just dances because she feels like it.  That’s fine with me, but a normally choose to not dance with her.  I am a little more reserved.  But speaking of dancing.  I do love to dance with her to music.  We used to dance a lot and if the band could play it, we could dance it…or give it a good try.  We love to waltz and were known locally as the “Waltz King and Queen.”  I usually waltzed more than Pam, because fortunately for me, most men don’t or can’t waltz, so that leaves me with their wives or girl friends.  But, somebody always has to do it.  I take no credit for my dancing abilities…she taught me and is responsible for the “dancing monster.”

Birthday Dinner at Seafood Restaurant

There is no abundance of seafood restaurants in Jasper, so we normally travel to Beaumont, Lufkin, or Houston.  Wednesday, her birthday, we went on an adventure to Lufkin.  We enjoyed a meal together and requested one of the wait staff to take a picture.   (Isn’t she a beautiful lady?)  I am really lucky man to have the family I was blessed with.

Pam, Lyndsey, and I will get together this coming Saturday to have a delayed birthday celebration and for certain a little “shopping” time for the girls.  When I get tired of following them around, I will escape to Barnes & Noble for a little reading and napping.  I have been unable to give Pam her present because it was in Austin when we delayed of party.  And, I can’t tell what the present is because she will find out if she reads this post.

When your plans in life don’t go according to your wishes, just as our last Saturday birthday celebration, it is no time to feel defeated.  You may feel as if you have been knocked to the ground, but that’s the time to get up and Praise the Lord Anyway.  I firmly believe there is a blessing in all circumstances.  It may not be apparent immediately, so you need to seek it out.   Look close…the blessing is there.  In our case last week, we still had a great time together and visited with an old friend.  Today, I can look back and say:  “God, You are so good to me!” 


One Response to ““THE BIRTHDAY DANCE””

  1. David Black Says:

    Pretty Good Looking Couple! Keep on Keepin On!!!
    Love and Blessings,
    David Black

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