What a mess.  My woodworking shop. (above)

Pam’s cabinet project – raised panel doors on bottom to be added (Poplar)

Dry Sink (Pine)

Small Bowl (Mesquite)

Small Weed Vases (Cedar & Oak)

 Small Bowl (Sycamore Burl)

Small Bowl (Cedar)

Small (Walnut)

TV Armoire (Pine)

Sometimes when I go to my shop to work on a project I wonder how anything could be created in a mess like the pictures above.  A few months ago the shop looked much different.  The sawdust was vacuumed off the floor, all the lumber was stacked on the shelves, all the tools were in their proper place, and the dust from sanding did not cover everything.  After I finish Pam’s project, I will consider doing a major cleanup…MAYBE.  Of course, I do know what happens to “good intentions.”

I am not sure whether my shop can be described as a workplace of a “creative genius” or a messy slob.  Whatever!!!  I do know that out of that mess came projects that brought happiness to many people.  Of course, I am not a “creative genius.”  If that were the case, each project created would be perfect.  They most definitely are not.  Only the creator know where all the flaws are…and that’s my secret.

I have been a little neglectful about postings on my blog, so I decided to take a few pictures while I was home for lunch and do a little catching up.

As I read or watch the news I see such a mess around the world.  My shop compared to the world seems pretty organized.  There seems to be no good news being printed or broadcast.  The only thing that sells advertising, etc. is bad news.  It is enough to turn my head to negative thinking, wondering what will happen next.  Not wanting to always be looking for what is wrong in this world, I have been searching every news item to determine the hidden “good” that is overlooked.  To my surprise, it really helps rid me of negativity.  I know in my heart that there is some good in all things and all people.  My goal is to find that each day.

One thing about my “messy” shop…I know where everything is.  If I think about this world and the people in it today, I know that God knows where everything is and where all people are.  He is still in control.  I can remember back when my life was a worse mess that my shop.  When I allowed it, God created a new man of me.  I am not perfect, just like my projects are not perfect.  But, my Creator knows where all the  flaws are and it’s okay with Him.  I am an unfinished project, but He is  working on my daily.  He adds a little here and trims a little there.  It is sometimes painful, but when He finishes, I hope I here Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant!”


2 Responses to ““CREATIVE OR MESSY?””

  1. Pam Says:

    I believe without a doubt, you will hear those words

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    I think you are a creative genius. That is why there is always a waiting list on projects.

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