It’s that very special day of the year again.  Pam’s birthday!  We tried to meet Lyndsey in Bryan/College Station last Saturday to celebrate this event, but things didn’t work out.  The best laid plans sometimes just don’t work out.  But, all is not bad.  Pam and I had our own little adventure and moved our family celebration to next Saturday.  I have learned over the years that something good in all circumstances.  Pam is not at all unhappy to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, sandwiched in between two Saturdays.  All-in-all, she likes for the celebration to last at least one month.  That is just fine with me.

Pam and I have been married thirty-three years, so we have celebrated her birthday 33+ years.  At first it was easy to select the appropriate gift, but each year it gets a little harder.  In an earlier post (11/23/2010 “Surprise Birthday Party.”), I wrote about the birthday party I planned.  I still believe this was the most surprising party I have ever given her and one I will always remember.  I have often wondered how I could top that party.  I have never come up with anything close.

On her past birthday parties we have been at beaches far and near and in the mountains of Colorado.  All have been great times and are stored away with many other memories.

I any readers have any suggestions for future birthday gifts or surprises, please let me know.  Lyndsey is always available for suggestions.  In fact, because of last Saturday’s birthday celebration being delayed until next Saturday, Pam’s gift is still in Austin.

I know there is a lesson here…there always is in any circumstances or event in our lives.  Maybe you can find a different lesson, but I believe that God is always watching over each of us and I know that His plans and the way He works things out are the best blessing we can receive.  I am always thankful that He is and always be in control of all things.



One Response to ““HAPPY BIRTHDAY – PAM””

  1. David Black Says:

    Surprise her by taking her to Germany!

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