Rattlesnake Island on Sam Rayburn Lake

A Sunday afternoon drive to Rattlesnake Island

 On the July 4th weekend a young man decided he would drive his pickup truck from the boat ramp at Twin Dikes on Sam Rayburn Lake to Rattlesnake Island.  The water level at the lake is about ten feet below normal so the water is obviously not too deep to take a Sunday afternoon drive to the nearby island.

I assume the island was named Rattlesnake because the snakes swam to the island as the lake was filling with water after the dam was finished.  It is a popular place to picnic and bask in the sun.  This young man, for reasons known only to him, drove to the island.  Those who were already on the island weren’t really appreciative of his efforts and called 911 to have him removed.  So, he decided to cut his visit short and headed for the boat ramp.  The pictures show that he made it through the lake to a mud/sand bar where he sunk into the mud.

The Corps of Engineers was somewhat peeved by the man’s actions and rewarded him with three citations which will probably be expensive.  And, adding to that, the towing company worked for six hours to retrieve the pickup and broke most of the cables and chains in their possession.  I hate to think of the towing bill that was presented to him.  The news on the local radio station said the man was tested for alcohol and their was no evidence he had been drinking.  I don’t know whether he was tested before or after the six-hour recovery operation.  He obviously had some kind of problem and if he had been drinking, he had six hours to sober up if the test was taken at the end of his ordeal.

The good part of this story is that anyone who will decide to drive across the lake to an island has absolutely no business driving on public roads.

I remember a few years ago when there was a drug bust on Rattlesnake Island.  There was a big “pot smoking” party in progress one night.  Law enforcement found out about the part and raided the island.  It was a rather large party and when the arrests were made, there were not enough vehicles to transport the prisoners to jail…guess what?  They brought a number of large cattle trailers to the lake, loaded the prisoners, and away they went to jail.  Again, these people didn’t need to be on the highways.

I don’t know what impression either of these events had on the participants, but I hope it was a real positive one.  Often, God has to let us experience the effect our decisions have on ourselves and others to get our attention.   The decision to drive to the island had an effect on those who were swimming and picnicking.  We may feel we have rights to do certain things, but I was told long ago that my rights end at the tip of other people’s toes.

Have a great summer and remember, NO DRIVING IN THE LAKE IN YOU PICKUP TRUCK!!!


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