Pam, Lyndsey, and I had planned a “Pam’s Birthday” adventure this past weekend.  Now that Lyndsey has moved back to Austin, it is a lot easier for us to be together.  During the time she lived in Kansas City, the distance made it much harder.

We had planned to meet in Bryan/College Station for lunch at Madden’s Gourmet Restaurant at 1 PM and then do a little browsing around that afternoon.  The adventure was very well planned out.  I would stay with them until I became a bore during their shopping and then I would take my Kindle and go to Barnes & Noble bookstore and read and/or take a nap.

Well, things don’t always happened just the way they were planned.  Lyndsey had a “situation.”  Below is a picture of her “situation.”

Lyndsey’s black Tahoe is the one on the other side of the orange vehicle.  That was her “situation.”

Lyndsey called and told us she would be a little late because a large truck had her blocked in.  I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the truck’s trailer had gotten grounded on the pavement and couldn’t move.  The back of the trailer was stuck and needed to be pulled by a tow truck.  The towing company had been called, but hadn’t arrived, so our birthday celebration for Pam had to be cancelled and rescheduled for next Saturday.

We had arrived at College Station and before the celebration was cancelled, Pam and I had time on our hands.  We headed to Barnes & Nobles and upon arrival, Pam saw a “nails” salon.  Pam decided to get a pedicure while I went to B & N to read.  I read for a little while, Pam sent me a text and said she needed cash, so I went to the nail salon.  I read until she got her pedicure and as we left someone yelled “Pam Burrows.”  We once lived in College Station (33 years ago) so we thought it may be an old friend.  WRONG!  It was four ladies from Jasper and they were on their was to the nail salon.  Small world, right?

The same thing had happened about a month ago.  We had stopped for lunch at Luby’s on the way to a Longhorn baseball game and we saw a couple of people who looked just like friends in Jasper.  After we finished earing, we walked by their table and they didn’t just look like our friends, they were our friends.  Small world, right?  They were with a group of “history buffs” and were visiting the George Bush Library at TAMU.

Pam and I always try to not let unforseen events upset our day, so I told her everything was okay because we were on an “adventure.”  We went to Tony Roma’s for lunch instead of Madden’s and I treated her to her first birthday lunch of ribs.  I say first birthday lunch because I will most likely take her out to eat on Wednesday (her birthday) and then we will have a birthday lunch at Madden’s next Saturday.  She was thrilled that she would be able to celebrate her birthday for at least a week.

We drove around Bryan/College Station and located a couple of places she lived before we married.  The area has grown quite a bit since we lived there, so it took a while to recognize her former residences.  But we were successful and were also able to spend time just doing a little sight-seeing.  We traveled south from College Station and ended up in Cleveland to visit an old friend there.  Surprise!  She had a birthday card and gift for Pam.

So, we just made do with the circumstances and had a great time…we were together to enjoy the blessings of God!  I guess the lesson we learned was that when you plans don’t go exactly the way you wanted, there is still a blessing to be found.  It is much better to look for the good in all circumstances and not be bogged down in a “pity party.”


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