Lyndsey is back home in Austin, Texas.  Pam and I traveled to Austin (not unusual) this past Saturday to give her some assistance with unpacking and decorating her new apartment.

I will have to confess about having a little distress about her move from Kansas City, Missouri, to Austin.  She had no help in all the packing involved in moving.  I guess parents just naturally want to be there to help with such things.  Pam reminded me that Lyndsey was not an amateur at packing and moving.  We have been able to help with her move to Austin to attend The University of Texas two days after graduating from high school.  Then she moved from her summer dorm to another dorm for the fall term…she could handle this move real well because there was not a lot to move.  The next year she moved to an apartment with three other girls and again she didn’t need help.  Pam and I did travel to Austin for decorating the apartment and later to carry an Armoire I had built for her TV and other entertainment gadgets with plenty of drawers for storing some of her clothes.  I had made this piece of furniture to her specifications to fit in a specific place in her bedroom.  After a year of too many girls in one place, Lyndsey moved to a one-bedroom apartment.  We help with this moved because she had begun to accumulate more furniture and decorations.

Just so this doesn’t get too long of a story, I will just give a recap of the other moves.  We moved her to Daytona Beach, Florida to work with the Chicago Cubs organization in minor league baseball.  After six months, she was hired to work in Stockton, California with the Oakland A’s organization and this was done by a moving company that did all of the packing and hauling.  We traveled by convoy from Jasper to Stockton and spent a week of vacation waiting for the arrival of furniture and the opportunity to again decorate a new apartment.  

After a year a Stockton, she moved to Lancaster (Los Angeles suburb) with the Red Sox organization and  handled this move without our help.  After a few months she called and was ready to come back to Texas.  She rented a large U-Haul trailer, packed it, and learned to pull a large trailer as she drove through downtown Los Angeles.

From Austin to Kansas City, Missouri, she again handled the move and pulled a U-Haul.  We met her in Kansas City before her job started and Pam again used to expertise in decorating.  Last fall, Lyndsey moved to another apartment and handled this  move alone…as well as the decorating.

So why should I be stressed?  She’s a real pro!

 We arrived in Austin about noon last Saturday and upon entering the apartment filled with packing boxes,  Pam and  I silently joined in with the stress that Lyndsey had been going through for weeks.

What I have found out over the years is that the job at hand is not really as stressful as it seems….before you even begin.  Well, as usually Pam provided the expertise for another decorating miracle.  She always provides the vision, Lyndsey approves the plan, and I provide the hard labor (repairing furniture broken in moves, hanging pictures, etc).  When we left Monday afternoon the apartment was looking good.  We still have a few things to do but that must wait until a new bed and couch are in place.

The first night, Pam and I had borrowed an air mattress from a friend and at bedtime the pump wouldn’t work to supply the needed air.  Now, this can give anyone a little stress.  Lyndsey didn’t say a word.  She just came with her air mattress pump and filled our mattress.  It wasn’t the right pump, so it didn’t fit.  But she just held it tight to the intake valve and solved the problem.  She wouldn’t even join our stress.

Do you feel like this when you are stressed?

So, what in the world can cause so much stress in our lives?

Isaiah 26:3, 4:

You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.

Trust in the Lord forever,

For i

Those who fix their eyes on the past, risk a severe collision with the future.  Those who see only the future hit much too hard the speed bumps of today.  Only those who fix their eyes on God can effectively negotiate the right pace of life.




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