This is not a story about a horse.  When Lyndsey was very young, she just had to have a cat.  In fact, she had a few cats, but I don’t remember the order in which they lived at our house.  There was “Climby,” “Bonkers,” and “Caballo.”  We always allowed her to name the cats.  “Climby” climbed, “Bonkers” was goofy, but “Caballo” did not resemble a horse.  Nor did he have any ” horsey” characteristics. 

Caballo was a beautiful black and white cat…a tom cat.  When we brought him home, we asked Lyndsey what name she was going to give him.  She said, “Caballo.”  That is why we had a cat named “horse.”  I have never understood the mystery of where she came up with the name for each cat.  Caballo was a mean as a “junkyard dog.”  It wasn’t long before he just had a really bad attitude about everything, so suddenly he was my cat.  He would scratch and bite Pam and Lyndsey, but he and  I had an understanding….I would quickly slap him and turn him a flip.

There are many stories about Caballo because he lived 17 years, the equivalent of 84 human years.  He was the only one around our house that was older than me.  He finally became crippled and blind, so he and I visited the vet and put him to sleep.  He is buried at the edge of the woods next to our patio.  In fact, there are three more cats and a rabbit buried there.  Caballo was an outdoor cat and they have a harder life than an indoor cat, so his age was really closer to 100…or more.

Caballo like to catch squirrels and birds.  He would catch a squirrel and proudly bring it to the patio door to show us his prize meal.  I never saw him catch a squirrel, but I like to watch him catch birds.  We have many birds, and the mocking birds and blue jays are the meanest.  They seem to have an extreme dislike of cats.  Caballo used this dislike to lure them into his trap.  He  would walk under the trees where the blue jays and mocking birds liked to perch.  One of the  birds would swoop down and try to peck Caballo on the head.  He would totally ignore them for two or three attacks.  Then, when they thought they really had the upper hand, he would spin around as they neared his head and….a bird in his paws.  Ballgame over.  He was really quite deceptive.

There is another real character that roams this world.  He is the devil, and he roams to and fro seeking to lure us into his deceptive traps.  He seeks to kill and destroy our souls.  Caballo never changed his deceptive ways in catching birds, but the devil changes the appearance of his schemes.  But, in truth, they are the same evil schemes…they just appear different.  There is only one protection against those schemes and He sits at the right hand of the Father and continually intercedes for us.  He is Jesus, our Lord and Savior. 



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