When I was young, we pitched washers at school.  We didn’t have all the fancy boxes with holes or pieces of PVC pipe placed in holes in the ground.  Much of the ground on the school campus was red clay.  The only thing we needed were the washers.  We would use the washers to dig  “washer size” holes in the clay.  This distance between the holes were not measured as they are today.  We would dig one hole and then make a normal throw (in our mind) to determine the place for the other hole.

There was a little “washer pitching” while I was in the army, but I didn’t play the game very much until I moved to Jasper.  We would have cookouts and pitch washers, along with dominoes, hearts, etc.  The chairman of the “Go Texas” committee convinced me and a friend to enter the washer pitching competition at the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo when in was held at the Astro Dome.  The competition was fierce.  Some of the teams had uniforms or vests decorated with championships they had won.  We looked out-of-place with jeans, western shirt, cowboy boots, and Stetson hats, but we did reach the championship round where we lost by one point.  One of the teams we pitched against had these vests advertising all of their championships.  I asked my opponent if the highly decorated vest helped him pitch.  He didn’t take the comment too well, but it accomplished my goal.  We slaughtered his team.  Not bragging….facts are facts.  Anyway, we had a great time and the competition was great.

When Pam and I were in Omaha at the College World Series a couple of years ago, we saw quite a few fancy portable washer pitching boxes, etc.  There is a lot of tailgating at the world series.  In fact, I believe there are many people who attend the CWS who never see a game.  Some may not even be a fan of baseball. 

At the Longhorn Baseball games in Austin, there are many tailgating groups playing all sorts of games.  Washer pitching is very popular and we also see some games that I’ve never seen before.  It is amazing what the imagination can create at the tailgating events.

Competition can be a great thing.  It can relieve tensions and serve as distractions from the troubles in the world.  The big thing to remember is that we are just playing a game with friends and losing is not a “deal breaker.”

When it comes to serious competition there are many problems such as over training, lust for worldly success, money and medals. There is pride if you win and distraction from doing God’s will. When you lose there is anger, disappointment, envy, regret and resentment. The disappointment and low self-esteem incurred by people losing is causing suicides, drugs, family breakdown, crime, injuries, anger with God, and people not being thankful to God. These things are not from God.

Non-serious competition is probably good when it is for exercise, personal motivation and used as a means to lead people to God.

God’s kingdom is about loving, sharing, contentment, praise, joy and giving, which are the opposite of competition.


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