From “Habits” posted February 1, 2011:

Habits are something we all have, many of them are actions that we take for granted and do without thinking about.  Sometimes, habits can be very helpful.  For example, we were not born being able to walk.  We had to  learn.  We fell and practiced until it became a habit.  So it is a great thing that we don’t have to learn to walk each morning when we wake up to start the day.

I have many habits.  Some I will admit to and  some I won’t.  I carry a comb and handkerchief every day and have for many years.

Don’t laugh at the condition of my comb.  I haven’t used a comb in many years so it doesn’t matter what the teeth look like.  I just must have the comb in my left back pocket in order to start my day.  The left rear pocket for men is usually where they carry their wallet…that is why there is a button on the pocket.  A wallet is reasonably safe in this pocket, but so is my ugly unused comb.


Well, maybe my ugly comb is not  reasonably safe in the pocket designed for my wallet that I don’t carry.  I lost my comb Sunday and don’t ask me where I lost it.  If I knew, I would immediately go to that place and find it.  I discovered my comb was missing when I returned to the parking lot after the baseball game between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas Tech Red Raiders.  I wasn’t really upset, but I didn’t tell Pam about my loss until we stopped in College Station at the Chicken Oil Company for a burger and Texas toothpicks.

When I look out the back window to back out of my parking space, I noticed Pam’s side of the clothes rack seemed rather empty.  At that moment, I knew I had not checked the closet when leaving the hotel.  Speaking of habits, I follow the same routine as I unload the hotel room and load the Escalade.  I won’t go into the check-out routine, but it is one of those habits that are learned and developed.  Again, I am of the opinion that habits are both good and bad.  We called the hotel and they had already tried to call.  We went back to the hotel and retrieved Pam’s clothes (I didn’t forget mine), and were on the way home with very little delay.

So, the ugly comb pictured above no longer exists…at least in my possession.  I now have an empty left back pocket and I am going through “withdrawal pains” and checking my pocket every few minutes.  I have check this pocket for years because the comb needed to be straightened to the proper position all during the day.  I know I will live through this loss.  In fact, the withdrawal pains are already subsiding.  I am sure I can make it through this ordeal.

The Bible does not specifically speak of “habits’ as such.  However, much is said about the meaning of the word:  “a thing done often, and hence, usually done easily, an act that is acquired and has become automatic.  We all have habits, whether good or bad.  However, for the Christian, the whole of their lives is one of being transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

Romans 12:2:  “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

This implies exchanging old, (bad) habits for new (good) ones, in order to please the Lord.



2 Responses to ““THE PAINS OF WITHDRAWAL””

  1. Douglas Mayfield Says:

    I wanted to tell you that lessons like these during my moments of time with God for learning and prayer help me gain God’s wisdom so that I may apply it with God’s help today. Thank you!

    Doug M

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