From the Wisdom Book:

Man’s mind,

once stretched by a new idea,

never regains its original


Oliver Wendell Holmes


You see things

that are and say, “Why?”

But I dream things that never were

and say, “Why not?”

——George Bernard Shaw

Infinity Scarf


Some people have it and some people don’t…imagination and creative ability.  I happen to be in the “have-not” group.  On our last trip to Austin and Longhorn baseball, Lyndsey sent the pictures above to Pam on her i-phone.  I had to check with Google to find out what an infinity scarf was.  It you don’t know, check it out yourself.  Pam sent the pics to my e-mail and I got permission to post them here.

When I was growing up in the country, I knitted a scarf one winter.  It took me all winter to finish it, so spring had sprung and gone.  Summer had arrived and it was no time for any kind of scarf.  So, I never wore the scarf.  It wasn’t my imagination or creativity that caused me to take on this project…it was winter boredom.  The crazy things you have to do with you hands and fingers while knitting or crocheting just didn’t fit with this country boy.  What I lack in imagination  and creative abilities, I make up for with determination.  I can do “figuring” and determination.

Pam and Lyndsey both have the ability to see mental pictures of things and bring them to reality.  Pam should be a shopping consultant for women and/or a home decorator.  She has an eye for such things.  Me, I just like it or I don’t like it.  Lyndsey has an awesome imagination that enhances her creative abilities.  These are great gifts.  One thing that makes these gifts great is the way they are used by each of them to bring pleasure to the lives of others.

Just this morning Pam visited a friend to give some advice on coordinating jewelry with a dress for a special occasion.  This is not an isolated instance.  Many of our friends appreciate her willingness to help with her taste in styles.  I am known for my taste in women…not all women, just Pam.  She and a friend just recently helped decorate a local restaurant that was remodeled after a fire.  The restaurant owner is a long-time friend.  These are just a few of her “free gifts.”

Lyndsey can actually lose herself in projects.  Most of her projects are “dreamed up” for the pleasure of others.  She has been known to work into the wee hours to have something special for someone the next day.  The infinity scarf was for herself, but the cupcake was for a friend’s birthday party the next night. 

I have often wondered….”Why didn’t God give me the gifts of imagination and creativity?”  But, when I think of it, I am glad He didn’t.  Wouldn’t it be boring if all of us had the same gifts and talents?  Why are we gifted with different talents?  It takes each of us using our God-given talents to accomplish His plan.  It is through these gifts that we glorify God in how we use them.  Now, isn’t that a lot more exciting that if everyone belonged to the “have group” or the “have-not group?” 

I have decided to be excited about who I am in Christ and enjoy the talents of others to the fullest.  I am not in competition to be like anyone else or have their imagination or creative abilities.  I pray that each of us will bring glory to God in the use of our individual abilities.


2 Responses to ““SOME PEOPLE HAVE IT””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    So true…..what a wonderful post!!!!

  2. pam Says:

    you have sooooo many gifts and talents that you always freely give to many blessed people…love your kind words~pam

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