day before today:  the day before this one / past:  a time in the past / on previous day:  on the day before today.


on this day: on or during this day, as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow / in present time:  during the present time or age / this day:  this day, as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow


next day:  the day after today / future:  a future time, or the future in general / on the next day:  on the day after today

This morning I was considering writing a blog about tomorrow.  Because the English language can often be a little confusing, I decided to check the definition of tomorrow.  So I found out it can be the next day, the future, or on the next day.  Now I’m not confused anymore.

Pam normally doesn’t work on Friday, but she is filling in for a fellow employee.  She left for work a few minutes before 8:00 AM and I was finishing my coffee before leaving for the office.  Suddenly, the door bell rang and Pam was at the front door.  She doesn’t have a key for the front door…I don’t have a key for the back door…so it works out okay.  After she left this morning, her CTS told her to check the tire pressure.  So, she returned home and the tire was flat by the time she arrived.  I drove her to work and then went to my friends at Lakeway Tire to get their assistance.  This seemed like the thing to do instead of me changing the tire and taking it in for repair.  I couldn’t have taken care of this matter yesterday or tomorrow.  This had to be taken care of today.  So, you can select any of the above definitions you would like, but I will select today as in NOW.  Not only did I get immediate service from my tire friends, they delivered Pam’s car to her at work.  Now, that is service!

Yesterday I found something I could do when yesterday was actually todayTomorrow I am going to mow my 2 – 1/2 acre lawn and the job I hate most is doing the weed-eating around the house, trees, and flower beds.  I could do the trimming tomorrow, but the Longhorns have a 2 o’clock game with Oklahoma State and I plan to watch it on my computer.  They also play today at 6:30, so today I am free for the game.  Now I will also be free for the game when tomorrow becomes today.

When tomorrow, as a future time, becomes today on Sunday, I will be ready for Longhorn baseball at 1 PM.  I also have a furniture project I am building for Pam that I need to complete tomorrow, as a future time or the future in general.  Hopefully tomorrow will become today very soon and I can organize the baseball schedule and woodworking.  If I don’t, Pam will probably have my head today, as in on/or during this day, as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow.

Around my house, yesterday is the day before today, today is today, and tomorrow is the day after today.  This keeps Pam and I from getting as confused, as I am at this moment concerning what I intended to write.

There is, however, one thing that is not confusing.  The decisions and/or actions we failed to make yesterday still have an effect on our todays and tomorrows.  The only thing we can’ t do is return to yesterday to amend those decisions.  But, we have today to remedy our omissions

Yesterday, Jesus made a decision that affects all of our todays and tomorrows.  On that certain day, He chose to go to the Cross for each of us and give us access to God through Him.  Now we are able to have a relationship with God.  When we have an encounter with God we come to a crisis in belief which requires faith and action on our part.  On that day, we have the opportunity  to make decisions and take actions that affect all of our tomorrows.  So, today, if we are unable to make decisions yesterday or tomorrow, we must make them on each of our todays.  We must renew and deepen our relationship with God on a daily basis….then our tomorrows are filled with the Joy of Christ.  So, let’s not be concerned about our yesterdays and tomorrows.  That is why we must not delay until tomorrow what is required of us today.


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