The year 2011 has started out a little unusual for me.  After I got the 2011 Longhorn Baseball schedule, I contacted the Staybridge Suites in Austin to make my reservations for the weekends for the spring season.  I do this every year and usually with no problems.  This year the only weekend they had no suite available was March 18.  That just happens to be the 33rd wedding anniversary for Pam and I.  We were able to obtain reservations at another Staybridge, but it just isn’t the same.  We really feel at home at the other hotel.  But, that’s just a distraction.

Since then, we have had a few other distractions. 

One day Pam started having bad neck pains.  After doctor visits, physical therapy, and an MRI, she was diagnosed with a bulging disc and is now under treatment for that.

I discovered a leak in the windshield washer reservoir and no washer fluid was reaching the back window of my Escalade.  It probably froze and split during the cold weather in Kansas City when were there for Christmas with Lyndsey.  After replacing the reservoir, the leak became even worse.  I took it to my favorite mechanic for a diagnosis.  He knew what the problem was immediately.  The acid from the battery had eaten a hole in the washer line.

There have been a few distractions since that time, but there are so minor and spread out I just don’t remember them…just the normal events of life.

Two weeks ago, we heard a strange noise coming from the central air condition unit.  Then we smelled something burning…like electrical.  We had been discussing replacing the system for about two years, so this was no big surprise.  Our air conditioning man came by the next morning and explained about the death of our air conditioner.  So, now it was time for the replacement.  It was finished last Friday while we were in Austin and because of the cool weather we have no need for it.  So, we  really don’t know that it works.  But I am sure it works fine because I trust the man who owns the company.  We also had all the ductwork replaced.  When we looked at the ducts that were removed, I believe we are going to be relieved of some of  our allergies.

Last Thursday the kitchen faucet I had worked on a few months ago starting leaking again.  We decided it was time for replacement rather than repair, so it was time for a  Lowe’s adventure.  We selected a new faucet to be purchased when we returned home on Monday.  It was no big deal…just another distraction. 

Then, on Friday morning when it was time to “scrape my face” (shave), it took quite a while for the hot water to get to our master bath.  Because our bath is on the far end of the house away from the hot water heater, we have a small “point of use” electric water heater in the closet of our bathroom.  Well, guess what?  This small water heater had died.  It must have been during the night because I heard no “dying gasps.”  So, I added that to my Lowe’s list for the next Monday.  As it turns out, I had to order it and it will be  here in  about a week or ten days.

The day after the leaking kitchen faucet, one of the men at work informed me that my daytime running light on the driver’s side of the Escalade was not working.  That’s not a bad distraction. 

On Monday night, I replaced the kitchen faucet.  It was not real complicated, you just have to be a contortionist to reach the places to disconnect and replace the faucet.  Of course, it is necessary to close the cutoff valves under the sink.  After replacing the faucet and opening the cutoff valves, I noticed a small leak on both water lines (hot & cold).  Just a distraction, but no big problem.  I have the right washers in the shop.  So, I went to the utility room to shut off the water to the kitchen.  I know this will be hard to believe, but when I turned the valve handle, it broke off.  Now, I have a small leak in that valve.  But, it is just another distraction.  But this is a job for the plumber.

While I was trying  to contact my plumber the next morning, Pam called with a little news.  She said she hated to tell me but she broke something.  Now it seems that all of the distractions are bunching up on us.  She told me that there was a problem with the folding door to her  office.  The small part at the top that fits in a channel to keep the door aligned had broken off.  I told her I would take a look when I got home from work.  I got that fixed a few minutes.  After all, it was a big problem, just a distraction.


All of these events were beginning to get me down until I read about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall and gates around Jerusalem.  Sandballat tried to stop the work by mocking and ridiculing the Jews.  When that didn’t work, this evil but resourceful leader adjusted his strategies.  He shifted his tactics to fear; entrapment, and political maneuvering.

Nehemiah’s leadership and character countered every assault of Sanballat and provided the impetus for his Godly vision to be completed.  One problem Sanballat was troubled with was that if the wall was completed, all the people would know this was only possible through the power of God.

From reading these scriptures, I realized:

*  Expect distractions.

*  Don’t give them the time of day.

*  Trust God to protect you and your reputation.

*  Keep your hands to the plow and  don’t look back.

I realized that all of these events just weren’t any big deal.  THE WERE ONLY DISTRACTIONS.  If we stay focused on the job God has for us, any distractions provided by satan have no effect on our mission.



One Response to ““DISTRACTIONS””

  1. Pam Says:

    U keep me grounded and I am so thankful. The hotel was perfect!!!!

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