One of the favorite adventures for Pam and I is “watching people.”  The best part of this…the stories you can make up using your imagination.  The worst part of this activity is being too critical.  I guess it is okay if we only share our thoughts with each other.  I DON’T MEAN TO BE DEMEANING IN ANY WAY.

When we lived in College Station, we often went to Houston to eat “Bud Bigelow’s Steak House.”  They are no longer in business but they really had great steaks.  It was also a really good place to watch people.  On one trip, we were watching a couple very near our table, so we could overhear their conversation.  We “imagined” it was their first date because the man was really trying to impress his lady-friend with his knowledge of wines.  It was going pretty well until she corrected him as he commented on the wine list.  She was totally unimpressed with his knowledge of wines.  This girl knew her wines.

On one trip to Bud’s we saw a woman lighting a man’s cigarette for him, snuggling up close and letting him know that this was the first time she had ever lit a man’s cigarette with this lighter.  Wow, now that is impressive.

After we moved to Jasper, we visited Bigelow’s for an early steak dinner…6 PM.  We had a great steak, followed by a number of cups of coffee.  The coffee and people watching were so great we left at closing  time and stopped at a  truck stop in Livingston and had a midnight breakfast.  This was my first experience of leaving one restaurant and stopping to have breakfast on the way home.  We were hungry after all the exertion from people watching. 

Longhorn baseball games in Austin are another great place to “people watch.”  It will keep you pretty business with 6 to 7 thousand people at the  ballpark.  During the years we have been fans, we  have some favorites to watch.  One man in our section always stood after every third out and caressed (played) his mustache.  (I don’t know how to describe what he did to his mustache, but there are those that visited us at the ballpark and witnessed this maneuver.)  His wife always came  with him and she knitted the entire game.  I don’t think she ever watched a play or knew which team won.  I don’t mean to be critical because he is free to do whatever he wants to.  And he wants to play with his mustache.  He is not in attendance this year so our imagination is running wild.  We don’t know where he is.  I hope he is okay.  Maybe his wife finished knitting for all the grandkids and/or relatives.  We will probably never know.

Another of my favorites is watching people who are caught sitting in someone’s seats.  When the holder of the seats arrives and looks at the  people in his seats, then looks  at his ticket stubs, the fun begins.  The people occupying the seats are embarrassed when they look at their ticket stubs and have to move.  Quite often I can see they have purchased general admission tickets.

The “brow” sits on the row below us and a few seats to the right.  I am talking about EYE BROWS.  Enough said.  He probably laughs with his friends about my brows.  That’s okay.

“Yellow Hair” sits way to our right.  We call him “Yellow Hair” because his silver hair is not silver.  He is real proud of his hair and it sort of has “finger waves.”  It must be plastered down with something because the wind never affects it.  He  always wears white sweaters or shirts and parades in front of the crowd a few times each game.  Last week we were shocked.  It was his first game this season and he wore a BLACK jacket over his WHITE sweater.  We almost didn’t recognize him.  He must think he looks great in white…I like burnt orange myself.

Ray sits down to our right and John sits below him.  Sometimes John brings his wife (Alise)sp… if the weather  is right.

Rusty and Connie sit across the aisle from us.  We sometimes invite them to eat at Mercado’s with us.  We stay in touch by “text” during the year…baseball season or not.  Great friends.

Ken and Diane sit a few rows below them.  We visit with them in the parking lot before the games…like tailgating.  He looks like Ken, but she really looks like Carolyn.  Their friend Cal is now our friend.  He sits on the other side of the stadium.

PawPaw sits on the aisle below us.  That’s what we call him.  We have visited with him but I really don’t know his name.  His granddaughter comes to the games most of the time.  I guess that is why we call him PawPaw. 

Dickie and Susie sit in the section below us.  I served him in Jasper when we were of the same board of directors at a local bank.

I got a little carried away on our baseball friends and the people we watch.  Sorry! 

I almost forgot Romeo.  He always comes and sits near us.  He finds an unoccupied seat and that’s where he plants himself.  We call him Romeo because at one time he brought his girl friend to the games.  Then he changed girl friends and sat across the stadium.  His hair is sprayed pretty heavy and it looks like the visor on a baseball cap.  That’s okay with me.

Now I will apologize because I mean no disrespect to any of these people.  They are great people to visit with and great people to watch.  More  than likely, we have people watching us.  That’s okay.

Isn’t it great that God created each one of us so different.  There is no person like you and there is no person like me.  We each are unique, with unique Spiritual Gifts.  It takes a lot of different types of people to make a stadium full of Texas Longhorn Baseball fans and it takes a lot of different people to use their particular gifts for the Kingdom of God.  It would really be a boring world if we were all robots or clones.  Only God can create so many different qualities and He uses them to bring glory to Him.


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