This is a horrible sight to see these days.  With gas prices at approximately $3.50 per gallon today, it’s time to dig deep into your pocket for a fill-up.

I don’t really understand the various prices of gas as Pam and I travel to Austin for our  weekend of Longhorn baseball.  I have asked about the price of gas here in Jasper and I’ve been told the difference we pay compared to Beaumont is for transportation.  As we pass through Huntsville and on to Central Texas, I see prices that are 12 to 20 cents lower.  We live 70 miles from the refineries around Beaumont and Port Arthur.  This is much closer to where gasoline is produced than in Austin and the entire Central Texas area.  I guess I have missed the opening of refineries in that area, because transportation costs should be much higher to transport gasoline that distance.

That’s my gripe for the day.  So, I’ll just live with it.

A few years ago, we were returning from Austin and stopped 30 miles from home to fill up our gas tank.  We were in Pam’s car and when the fuel warning bell chimes, it is definitely time to get gas.  We were about 10 miles from home when an armadillo ran across the highway into our headlights.  I was unable to avoid said armadillo.  The next morning as Pam drove to town for her morning walk in the park, she called my office and said she was out of gas.  I thought:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  We had a full tank the night before and only 30 miles from home.  I told her to meet me at my favorite mechanic’s shop.  When she arrived at the shop, the mechanic came running to her car and told her to turn the ignition off.  She had a large stream of gas pouring underneath the hood.  The armadillo had somehow met with the gas line and broken it.

It was a time for action on that occasion when the gas gauge was near empty and falling fast.  Of course, we had to get the gas line replaced and fill the tank again.  The total cost for repair and gas was less than a tank of gas today.  As we travel now, we never want to be RUNNING ON EMPTY.  When the gauge indicates about 1/4 full, it’s time to start looking for a gas station and wondering what kind of surprise the gas station has for us on price.

As I was reading the other morning about Elisha and a destitute woman.  If you want to learn the entire story it can be found at (2 Kings 4:1-7).  From one jar of oil, the woman was able to fill all of the jars she could gather frtom her neighbors.  She went from nothing to an ample provision.

There is something about “nothing” that moves God’s hand.  He loves leading us to empty places where we can lean on nothing except His provision.  If we are not experiencing God’s presence and provision, could it be that we aren’t empty enough?  Could we still be distracted and dependent on ourselves?  This story teaches us that…

1.  Emptiness is a gift from the Lord.

2.  Emptiness tells us we have a need.

3.  It is possible that we may not be empty enough.

4.  We must admit our emptiness.

5.  Only God can truly fill us.


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