Sam Rayburn Lake is located in East Texas near Jasper.  It is the largest lake totally within the State of Texas.  It has 750 miles of shoreline with 100 miles of that shoreline being National Forest.  The surface area is 114,500 acres that contains 3,997,600 acre feet of water.

I was living in Port Arthur when the lake was completed and began to fill with water from the Angelina River and a couple of other small rivers.  I had a friend with a camp near Rayburn and we began fishing the lake while it was filling up.  This was before the big fancy bass boats with all of  the electronic fish-finding equipment.  We learned the contour of the lake bottom and shorelines before they were covered with water.  So, our memory of all the “structure” preceded the electronic gear used today.

Years later, I moved to Jasper and Pam became a fisher-woman.  When I first  moved here, I would arise before daylight and fish before going to the office.  I would fish 4 or 5 times each week and Pam and I also camped many weekends.  It’s a great lake for all types of recreation and now is well-known for the big bass tournaments held here.

Before I moved to Jasper, I fished on Rayburn for five days without really speaking to a person except to buy gas at a marina.  The only supplies I took on that trip were drinks, bread, bacon and  eggs.  Of course I took fishing lures and a sleeping bag.  I would break camp each morning and fish all day until sundown.  Then I would set up camp and cook supper.  I depended on the fish I caught for the evening meal…so no catch–no meal.

The reason I went alone on this trip was on doctor’s orders.  Now that is the  right kind of doctor to have.  I had been in the hospital and my diagnosis was exhaustion from long hours at work.  So, my prescription was “go on vacation” for some much-needed rest.  Fishing always rested me even thought I fished just as hard as I worked.

One thing I learned about fishing.  Fishermen tend to return to their favorite fishing holes…the places they had caught fish before.  I always seemed to fish much harder and with more confidence when fishing these spots.  When I would have a strike or catch a bass, I would remain in that spot for a long period of time.  But, after a while, with no more strikes or catches, it was time to move on to search for more fish.  Just because you get a strike or catch a fish doesn’t mean there are no other places to catch fish.  The fact is, there are many, many other places.  I learned, on the many trips to Rayburn, that I could not totally depend on my favorite spots.  Even though they had held fish on another trip, I couldn’t just fish there…I had to fishing many different places to catch fish.

Finding God is similar to finding fish.  I wrote a post recently about Elijah looking for God on Mount Horeb.  He looked in a tornado, an earthquake, and a fire.  But God spoke to him in a small voice.  We can’t always find God in the places we found Him before.  I know He is everywhere, but I believe He wants us to really seek Him with all of our heart…our entire being.  If we don’t find Him where we’ve been looking, we must quit wasting time and seek Him in other places and/or circumstances.  It is really all about seeking until we find.  So it is with what we are seeking in life.  If we have a “strike” and not a “catch,” it is time to continue seeking.  He is there to be found because He has promised to never leave us.  That means He is always available and interruptible.



2 Responses to ““FISHING””

  1. David Black Says:

    Great article. I would love to take one of those vacations, just God fishing and me.

  2. click here Says:

    i want to get one

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