“In the confrontation

between the stream and the rock,

the stream always wins–not through

strength but by


—Dad ( H. Jackson Brown, Sr)

When we were vacationing at Deer Valley Ranch near Nathrop, Colorado, one of our favorite adventures was whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.  We were usually there in July but the water in the river was pretty cold (34 degrees).  When we were not being bounced around by the rapids, the scenery was really beautiful.  There was always calm water between the rapids so not only was it quiet and peaceful…it was beautiful.  I have often wondered how long it took the river to create the deep cuts in the rocks to make the canyons and gorges that are quite a sight to see.  The water in the river is persistent.  The rocks aren’t really a problem for the river.

There have been many occasions in my life that called for persistence.  I remember when I was building Lyndsey’s entertainment center.  It was all finished.  All of the sawing, sanding, staining, finish, and hand rubbing was finished.  All of the parts had been put in their place.  The doors had been mounted and I was installing the last door catch.  I was really having problems getting in attached in just the right place.  I sat and squatted for a couple of hours working on the problem.  Pam kept telling me to take a break and rest.  But, I was persistent.  The first time I stood, I could hardly walk…my legs were hurting due to the position I had been in for a long time.  But, how could I give up.  Time was getting close for us to take the finished product to Kansas City.  Well, persistence paid off…it usually does.

When I was studying for my CPA exam, I set aside study time each day (or night).  Whatever else happened, I was going to study each day.  I passed the exam not because I am so brilliant.  I was persistent.  Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.”

There have been other occasions in my life which called for persistence, but I won’t bore you by listing them here.  I know that each person who reads this post have faced problems that called for persistence.  While we are persistently attacking a problem, one important thing is to look at the problem and find the opportunity that accompanies it.  I believe there are no problems that are not accompanied with an opportunity or blessing.

I will leave you with that thought as I get to the reason I began this post.

We will be faced with problems, both large and small.  The best way to attack a problem is prayer.  Persistence is very important, so persistent prayer is a real winner.  There are three types of prayer in attacking a problem.

*  Logistical prayer:  We pray logistically when we ask God for the small things:  “Lord, help the computer to work as I write this post.”

*  Tactical prayer:  We pray tactically when we pray for more meaningful things, but still not for the ultimate:  “Lord, help me to say something meaningful as I write.”

*  Strategic prayer:  We pray strategically when we pray for the ultimate purposes of God:  “Lord, may You be glorified today and may You raise up disciples for Your Kingdom.”

The more persistent we are in our prayers, the more they change from out needs and become directed to God’s ultimate purposes.



3 Responses to ““PERSISTENCE””

  1. Bisk Education Says:

    We were just wondering – did you pass your CPA exam? The “every day” theory works very well and is something that we actually push in our programs.

    Anyhow – how about a blog post on your CPA Exam?!

    You’ve got a great, family-friendly blog here.

    • JBBurrows Says:

      Yes, I passed the CPA exam in 1961…#5487. I didn’t get the chance to attend college and
      was grandfathered under the old qualification law. I had experience that qualified as education.
      I also taught accounting principles in a night class for an area junior college. Thanks for you
      comment. I will think about your blog post suggestion.

  2. Bisk Education Says:

    Wow – I didn’t realize it was quite that long ago. 🙂

    Well congratulations anyway!

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