From the Wisdom Book:


is never

an accident

—Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr.)

Pam and I are headed to Austin this morning for “First Pitch” of Longhorn Baseball.  I was reading an article in the Austin Statesman this morning about the returning infield for the Horns.  They will all be back.  Last season the horns led the nation in fielding with only 31 errors in 569 innings (.980).

This was no accident.  To achieve this is a matter of teamwork with everyone being on the same page.  When you really become a team, your focus is such that you not only anticipate where your team mates are, you know where they are.  Playing baseball is really not as simple as some people believe….nor is it boring.  There is also a lot of trust involved.  When one player fields the ball and makes a throw, he trusts that when the ball arrives at its destination the other player has arrived to complete the play.

This is no accident.  It takes many hours of practice.  When the team is focusing as one, they respond to where the ball is hit rather than react.  Their response is based becomes as natural as walking.  It is a response to what is happening at the moment. 

So it is with life.  I have always believed that to respond is positive and to react is negative.  When we encounter problems, we can attack…that’s positive.  If we react to the problems, it is if we don’t know what to do.  It is much like fear.

So, our response to what we encounter, is based on our trust and faith in God.  We must remember that God is sovereign over all things…He is in control.  So our response is faith-based.  We know that we are on God’s team and the deeper our relationship is with Him we can have confidence that our response will be right.  Just as a baseball team needs to have a relationship that is based on practice and time spent together, we must spend time with God and the team He has put together.

Whereever you find excellence..it is no accident!


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