Habits are something we all have, many of them are actions that we take for granted and do without thinking about.  Sometimes, habits can be very helpful.  For example, we were not born being able to walk.  We had to  learn.  We fell and practiced until it became a habit.  So it is a great thing that we don’t have to learn to walk each morning when we wake up to start the day.

I have many habits.  Some I will admit to and  some I won’t.  I carry a comb and handkerchief every day and have for many years.

Don’t laugh at the condition of my comb.  I haven’t used a comb in many years so it doesn’t matter what the teeth look like.  I just must have the comb in my left back pocket in order to start my day.  The left rear pocket for men is usually where they carry their wallet…that is why there is a button on the pocket.  A wallet is reasonably safe in this pocket, but so is my ugly unused comb.

I don’t carry a wallet.  I carry a money clip that also has pockets for credit cards, driver’s license, etc.  That  belongs in the left front pocket along with coins and pocket knife.  I believe my money is safer in front where I can not only where I can feel it, but also see anyone trying to pick my pocket. 

The handkerchief is kept in the right rear pocket.  The only time I use it is to clean my glasses and when someone needs one at a funeral or any other sad/happy occasion.  But, I am lost without my handkerchief. 

The front right pocket is reserved for keys only (house and auto).  I do, however, carry my cell phone in this pocket also.  It is to never go in the pocket with credit cards and hotel key cards because the battery does peculiar things to magnetic strips.

These are habits and I consider them good habits mostly.  Without even thinking about it, I know when all my “stuff” is not in its proper pocket and this makes for  a very bad day.  The good part of this  habit…I always have my money and never get locked  out of my auto or house.

I travel the same route to work each day and I guess that is also a habit.  It’s not that I am unconscious and don’t really remember driving to work…I just don’t have to concentrate  on each turn, traffic light, or stop sign.

So, habits are good and  habits are bad. 

Bad habits are negative behavioral patterns such as PROCRASTINATION, FIDGETING, OVERSPENDING, and NAIL BITING. 

An example of PROCRASTINATION is putting off a high priority action for a low priority action.  FIDGETING is moving about restlessly.  This can be good in one sense…fidgeters tend to be slimmer and have a hard time gaining weight.  OVERSPENDING many times is a relief for other problems.  NAIL BITING is an impulse control disorder.

There are some things you need to know about habits.  You were not born with your bad habit, you learned it and you can unlearn it.

You have practised doing your bad habit to the extent that you are good and skilled at it.  But, now is the time to stop and  become good at doing something else.

If you believe that you can and you believe that you can’t, you are right.,  Remember you get what you focus on.  If you focus on how hard and difficult it is to break a habit then that’s exactly how it will be.

The best way to break a habit is to first imagine yourself having conquered it.  Take the time to act out in your mind you being in total control.

Remember, success is often on the other side of failure, so you don’t have to get everything right the first time.  If you make a mistake and back slide, then learn from it and move on.

Be patient and give yourself the opportunity and the time to change.

If you are really, really, serious about breaking a bad habit, I can recommend where to go for help.  We have a God who is always there and only wants the very best for us.  He has already promised that He will never leave us.  We don’t have to wait and use Him as a  last resort…He is ready today!


2 Responses to ““HABITS””

  1. David Black Says:

    First Pitch. Be sure and eat a hotdog for me and probably a burger too!

  2. facebook Says:

    i love it

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