Did you ever have a great thought you wanted to share with others?  Well, I had one this morning while taking my shower.  The shower is a great place for me to meditate and I’ve had some great thoughts and ideas when I am closed in from the rest of  the world.

After being so excited about this great thought, I got to the office and my mind was blank.  So, maybe it was not such a great thought after all.  I am sure I will recover from my loss of memory at the appropriate time to share it with others…I have to because it seemed so great at the time.

While I was trying to recall my lost thought, suddenly I had Rumpy’s Little German Backerei & Deli on my mind.  Just in case you don’t know…backerei means bakery/baking house in Germany.

One year, Pam and I were taking a different route to Panhandle, Texas for our annual Christmas visit with her family.  Every year or so, we will change our route so we can see different parts of Texas.  Rumpy’s in on I-35 at Gainesville…about an hour from Dallas.  A few years ago, we were taking this route and it was almost lunch time, so I was searching for a new place to eat.  A few miles from  Gainesville I saw a billboard advertising Rumpy’s German Bakery.  While I was in Germany, I really enjoyed German food, so I thought this sounded pretty appetizing.  When we arrived at Rumpy’s, it was a Valero gas station and convenience store..plus the bakery.  I was immediately encouraged because there were pickup trucks surrounding the building.  This is always a sign of good food because working men know where the best places are.

We weren’t disappointed.  The deli serves delicious sandwiches made from fresh bread from the bakery.  We ate our sandwiches and purchased some other goodies for the trip.  This included 2 strudels (apple and peach).

A few miles from Gainesville is Fischer’s German Meat Market and we will stop by for bacon, sausage, and cheese.  The meat market is located in the back of a grocery store and around Christmas time the long line reaches the front door.  But, it is worth the wait.

When we traveled to Kansas City to spend Christmas with Lyndsey this year, we went through Gainesville and stopped at Rumpy’s for lunch and to pick up goodies for our holiday.  We changed our route to Kansas City this trip.  Going through Dallas and taking I-35 to KC is about 100 miles further than our usual route, but we are on interstate highways when we leave Tyler.  Lyndsey only lives about five miles from I-35.  Our former route has a lot of small towns and narrow highways, so the drive was not as tiring.

Below are some pictures of Rumpy’s and you can visit their web-site and order some of their tasty treats.

Rumpy’s Little German Backerei & Deli 


Deli Counter

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritters

Apple Fritter






Fruit Kolaches

Kolaches (Fruit)

Meat Kolache

 Kolaches (Meat)

Large Pies

Pies (Large)


Strudels (Fruit)

There are times in life when we are really enthused about doing the right thing and being obedient to God’s plans when the things of this world press in on us and we lose focus.  I am not saying Rumpy’s was a distraction from my thoughts.  It came to my mind when thinking about the great time Pam and I had with Lyndsey on our Christmas trip.  I am not a person who believes that Rumpy’s strudel is so good it must be evil.  I believe God provides many wonderful things for us to enjoy and He gets great pleasure in seeing us enjoy those things.  The good things provided by God are just the fringe benefits…not the goal… of our growing relationship with Him.  The important thing is for us to keep our attention and focus on Jesus and never let the things of this world tempt us away from growing in that relationship.



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