Are corn cobs good for anything?

When I was growing up, biofuel was unknown.  At least it was to me.  I understand that corn cobs are used in making fuel in this present age.  I grew up on a farm and we had a few uses for corn cobs.  Of course, the cows ate the cob along with the corn, so nothing remained.  The pigs ate only the corn, so there were always cobs left in the pig pen.  These cobs were covered with mud and “you know what,” so there were of little use.

So, what do you do with available corn cobs?  You can grind them up and use for bedding for both large and small animals.  They can be used for kindling after they have dried. 

 “Diamond Dry” is made from ground corn cobs to treat baseball diamonds that have been soaked by rain.  You can get back on the diamond in about fifteen minutes.

Back in the day when people used “smoke houses” to cure their meat, cobs could be used to creating smoke.  They were also used in the old wood-burning cook stoves.

My grandmother even used corn cobs for making jelly.  It was actually pretty good.

But my cousins and  I had a much better use for corn cobs.  We used  them for what we called a  “corn cob fight.”  The rules for a “corn cob fight” are THERE ARE NO RULES!!!  These fights are strictly forbidden by parents and when you went back to the house with your head “skint-up,” there was almost a certainty that a “rear-end” adjustment was forthcoming.

The battlefield is the barn, corn crib, and the corrals surrounding them.  Sometimes you chose sides, but often it is every man for himself.  The ammo is found in the pens around the barn and the best selections are wet and heavy with mud and “you know what.”  I always liked to fill a bucket about half full of water and soak my cobs to make them heavier.  If salt was available, I could then rub the cobs in salt.  If you are hit on bare skin with a salted cob and get “skint,” the salt gets in the wound and causes quite a sting.  The wetter the cobs, the faster they traveled and the faster they traveled, the more they hurt.

So, there is a real good use for corn cobs…..COUSINS!!

There are times in our lives when we feel less than useful for anything, anyone, or even God.  If I can find a good use for corn cobs, surely the inventive genius that God is can use each of us in a way we never imagined.  I am sure a corn cob never imagined skinning a cousin’s head.  Just as corn cobs submitted to my trusty right hand, we can be used as God pleases when we are submissive to His plans.  I have been on both sides of the battlefield and believe me…I had rather be serving God than throwing corn cobs at cousins.


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