From the “Wisdom Book”    

We’re constantly

striving for success, fame, and

comfort when all we really need to

be happy is someone or something

to be enthusiastic about.

—Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr)    

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I wrote a post recently about the “Army Mule” Pam and I used to move a cabinet to another room without emptying it of all the “stuff.”  After we moved the cabinet, I found out we were going to move it back to its original location.  She wanted to place it in the other room to see how it looked and if it was the right size for the location she picked.  So, after putting the decorator’s “eyeball” to the piece, Pam decided she wanted a bookcase made the same width, but three inches taller.

I found the above bookcase with bottom doors because this was just like what she described to me.  When I took the picture home, with the proper measurements, she said, “I WONT THAT!”  If you have ever watched the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” you will understand.  If you haven’t, “I WONT THAT” will be totally foreign to you.

Sorry!  I strayed from the subject at hand. 

Anyway, I now have something to be enthusiastic about…not that I don’t stay enthusiastic 100% of the time.  Why am I enthusiastic?  I now have a project for  my woodworking shop.  I have just finished a few small projects for Pam and  Lyndsey, so it’s time for something else.  I always get excited and enthused over a new project for either/or both of them.  Why?  Because each of them really appreciate my efforts and do not hesitate to make sure I am aware of it.  It’s not too enjoyable if I just get a “Ho-Hum” response.  And, I know they are not just  “playing” me…they really appreciate each and every little thing I do.  So, I appreciate someone as a target for the enthusiasm I generate.

I guess everyone benefits….right?

So, I will be busy in the shop on Pam’s bookcase.  I am excited!  I have another project sometime in the near future.  Lyndsey, with her vast imagination, often comes up with a piece of furniture she would like for me to build.  Her next request is something totally new to me…but I found out they do exist.   A SLEIGH BED!!!  I’ve located the plans for one and probably after a few JB adjustments, I will start on this project.  It is a little more complicated than a bookcase with doors because I have built quite a few bookcases.  But, believe me, I am enthused.  I am excited.  And I know I will get a big hug and thank you….for the bookcase and the bed. 

When God gives me the opportunity to do something for Him, do I get enthused?    I try.  I know, that if I am excited and enthused about His plans, I will be blessed.  The reason for being obedient to God is not to be blessed.  That is the  end result, but not the purpose.  The excitement and enthusiasm are from the action of seeking to please God.  As a result, I am blessed.  It’s the same way with Pam and Lyndsey.  We are blessed by blessing others.  That’s the way things work in God’s Kingdom.


2 Responses to ““ENTHUSIASM””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    We painted the bookshelf and it looks amazing. Unfortunately Stephen forgot to paint the shelves so… yeah.. we have to do that. He got the flu right after he finished so it was put on hold. Hopefully we’ll finish this week. It looks AMAZING. I’m actually jealous of Jansen! And I LOVE that you engraved the back. So special!

  2. Pam Says:

    I cannot wait to give you a hug!!!!

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