From the “Wisdom Book”          


is never an


—-Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr)   


I look forward to each season of the year.  There are many things positive about a new season.  In the spring we can look forward to the new growth on the trees and the beautiful colors of the spring flowers.  It is also a time to celebrate Easter…which signifies a new life itself.  It is a time celebrate the passing of a cold and dreary winter season.  I look forward to Pam’s Easter decorations for our home.  Then our home is dressed to celebrate of freedom on the Fourth of July.

After the summer comes the fall and it’s again time for dressing up our home in the harvest colors.  By the way, the Easter decorations have been gone for long  time.  When there is no season to decorate for, Pam just makes our home beautiful again with her favorite stuff.  The fall season keeps her pretty busy because Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are back to back.  But, at least she doesn’t have to go back to the standard decorations.

Pam is gifted with organization skills and  our attic is arranged for easy access to the decorations for each season.  She can usually retrieve all the decorations from the attic without my help, but Christmas requires both of us to bring the many storage boxes down to her sunroom.  After she finishes with decorating the rest of the house, it’s time for me to place the tree in it’s designated spot and string the lights (after I’ve checked to see if all the lights will shine).  She decorates the tree and the sunroom and everything is beautiful throughout out home.



 These are only a few of the areas that are decorated.  As you can see our home is beautiful and has been decorated with EXCELLENCE, and that is NO ACCIDENT. 

I have heard her say many times:  “If you are going to do something, do it with EXCELLENCE.”  She feels even more strongly when she is doing something in obedience to the Lord.  It takes effort and purpose to do something with EXCELLENCE.  Why would we ever want to settle for less?


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