Thanksgiving Dinner at Hudson’s on the Bend

After a “Whoop Stop” visit on the way to Austin on Thanksgiving morning, we arrived a little before 3 PM at Hudson’s on the Bend.  This very fine restaurant specializes in wild game.  This was Pam’s first time to experience the great food served here.  The restaurant is normally open only for dinner each night, but they had a special Thanksgiving Menu and opened at 11 AM.  I made reservations for 3 PM so we could dine and then go to the hotel in time for the Longhorn vs. Aggie football game that night.  That’s about all I have to say about the game.  I will point out, however, after the Aggies victory (or the Longhorns lost), the 117th meeting of these two schools ended with the record standing at Texas 75, A & M 37, and 5 ties.

We had already studied the menu on their website, www.hudsonsonthebend.com , so we were ready to order soon after we were seated. 

Pam picks:

Ruby red grapefruit and avocado salad on an Austin bibb lettuce with a Pure Luck feta dressing and sprinkled with fresh pomegranates.

Hot and crunchy ruby trout atop jalapeno aioli with ancho sauce served with bourbon praline sweet potatoes.

Pumpkin cheese cake.

My picks:

Candied pecan crusted goat cheese atop local mixed baby greens tossed in a blackberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Ancho cured pecan smoked wild turkey served atop wild boar tamale cornbread stuffing and gravy served with bourbon vanilla pecan sweet potatoes and peppery cranberry relish.

THE WILD TURTLE –Caramel pecan pie dipped in Belgian chocolate.

We took our desserts back to the hotel to enjoy later. 

When we checked in at the hotel, they told me they were going to serve desserts in a short while.  We put our desserts in the refrigerator and Pam went to the dining room and retrieved a few treats to enjoy during the football game.  We saved our Hudson’s desserts for the next night.

Pam went out for the Black Friday event.  She enjoys shopping at The Arboretum, The Arboretum Village, and the newer Domain.  I usually drop her off for her shopping adventures.  I told her I was just like a limo driver….she said it was much better and I was better looking than the drivers she had seen.  With all the traffic of Black Friday, it worked out pretty good…we didn’t need to look for a parking space because I just vegged out at the hotel, and she would call when she was ready to change locations.  It is 3 minutes to one shopping area, 5 minutes to another, and 8 minutes to the Domain.

We enjoyed our special weekend, and after eating at El Mercado Mexican Restaurant, www.elmercadorestaurant.com we headed back to Jasper on Saturday afternoon.  Usually when we start home from Austin, the big, big decision is whether to stop at Starbucks in College Station or wait until we get to Huntsville.  If it is meal time, we have a couple of favorite places that we remember from our time living in College Station.  One of my favorites is The Chicken Oil Company and they serve a great burger and Texas Toothpicks (deep-fried onion and jalapeno strips).  On this trip, because we had already eaten, we opted for Starbucks at Huntsville.

We missed being with Lyndsey this Thanksgiving, but it’s a long way to Kansas City (not too far to see Lyndsey) and we are going to be with her in a couple of weeks for a wedding in Austin, and we will travel to KC for Christmas.  She had a great time on Friday after Thanksgiving by joining friends for their holiday feast.



Hudson’s on the Bend

Let us not ever forget to be thankful for all the things God has so generously given us.  First of all, He gave us Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.  He has provided us with family, friends, and more blessings than we can ever list.  So, to celebrate this time, I want to just thank God for his Goodness.



  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Cute pictures!!! The menu sounds great

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