Pam and I left Jasper at 9:30 AM for a Thanksgiving adventure in Austin.  We can always find an adventure in Austin, even considering the fact we are at the Longhorn baseball games each spring.  If they Longhorns are in Austin for the weekend…we are there.  We also find some interesting things on the way.

We take a “pit stop” usually at the “WHOOP STOP” on Highway 21 a couple of miles before we reach Highway 290.  What a terrible name for a convenience store.


The pictures above (except Pam exiting the Whoop Stop)  are only a sample of the “Aggie Stuff” in and around the store.

Pam and I lived a few years in College Station (where we met and married) and were familiar with most of the Aggie traditions.  It finally occurred to me that I didn’t know what the “WHOOP” was all about.  So, I checked Wikipedia and this is what it says.  “Whoop” – An exclamation of approval and excitement, especially used at the end of a yell.  ONLY JUNIORS AND SENIORS have the privilege to ‘WHOOP.”

So, now I know and so do you, if you didn’t have the knowledge already.  I guess I never realized what “Whoop” was all about because I’ve seen the exclamation at times when there was nothing to be approved or excited about.  And when I’ve seen 90% of the Aggie fans and non-student dates giving the “Whoop,” I know that they are not all juniors or seniors.  After graduation are you still privileged to “whoop?”  I guess it will never be clear to me….of course Aggies are really never clear to me anyway. 

The workers and patrons of the “Whoop Stop” never give Pam and I a “Whoop.”  I guess maybe it’s because our burnt orange clothing does not come under “approval or excitement.”  They are cordial…just not excited.  But a pit stop is a pit stop.

We often stop at the “Whoop Stop” and/or College Station.  After we leave a baseball game on Sunday, it’s meal time so we have a few favorite places to eat.  Dressing in burnt orange for a meal at Aggieland is very similar to when King Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in to the furnace.  The  King had the  furnace heated seven times hotter than normal.  Why?  Because they would not bow to the king.  Yet, they had no fear for their God was with them.  This really has nothing to do with entering a restaurant in College Station packed with Aggies.  I am only trying to manuever this story a little to get to a lesson.

All through our lives we will come across temptations and the worldly things we worship by placing them between us and God.  We never need to “go along  just to get along.”  Standing firm in our relationship with God often causes us to seem “different.”  Praise God for the difference.  By standing firm in our convictions, we can be assured of God’s presence as we walk through any temptations or difficulties.  Just as God was present with the three children in the furnace, He will stand with us in all circumstances.


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