The best surprise birthday party I ever planned for Pam was on her 29th birthday.  I’ll not tell you the year..it was probably only 3 or 4 years ago.  It took quite a bit of planning and cooperation from friends to totally surprise Pam with a week-long beach adventure at Crystal Beach.

I enlisted friends to prepare the food we would need for 16 people for the week-end.  I depended on them to carry all of the food and arrive before Pam, Lyndsey, and I (accompanied by two of Pam’s sisters).  Everyone knew the real plans but I had told Pam that I was taking her and her sisters to Galveston for the weekend and then Lyndsey (age 2 1/2) would return to Jasper with me and they would remain for the following week.

The real plan was I had rented two beach cabins.  One for the weekend and the other for the entire week.  Pam’s sisters came from Panhandle, Texas and then Lyndsey and I traveled in one car while the three girls followed in Pam’s car.  It was already dark when we arrived at Crystal Beach.  I turned off the highway and headed for the cabins and the girls followed.  When I arrived at the cabins, Pam wanted to know why we were taking a detour on the way to Galveston.  I told her I wanted to stop and say hello to an old friend.  She was a little irritated at the delay.  I climbed the stairs to one of the cabins and began knocking on the door.  Eleven of our friends, having already arrived, had hidden their cars and were hidden behind the other cabin.  As Pam waited, not too patiently, for me to visit my non-existent friend, everyone sneaked up to her car, surrounded it, and began to sing “Happy Birthday Pam.”


Don’t ask why a picture of a ceiling fan and a stuffed monkey appears in this post.  I’ll tell you about Jimbo’s adventure with the ceiling fan.  When Lyndsey was born, I went by tell one of my friends we had a brand new baby girl.  He owned an Ace Hardware store, and he walked to the toy section and grabbed a stuffed monkey for Lyndsey’s first stuffed toy.  The friend’s name was Jim, so we named the monkey “Jimbo.”  Later on, when Lyndsey began to talk, she informed us that Jimbo was not a monkey….he was a people.  Over the years, Jimbo has needed stitches to repair some of his seams.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin right along with Lyndsey, with both of them saving me many dollars by graduating in four years.  He has traveled with Lyndsey during her minor league baseball career in Florida and California, and now has his own space in their Kansas City apartment.

Now for the ceiling fan vs. Jimbo adventure.  During the first night at the beach, a friend and I were standing in the kitchen by the sink when Jimbo flew over our head, hit the window, and landed in the kitchen sink.  I heard Jim holler at his son, Little Jimmy, wanted to know what he thought he was doing.  Little Jimmy had thrown Jimbo up and into the ceiling fan causing him to fly across the cabin to the kitchen.  Little Jimmy was pretty quick-witted and this was his answer:  “I plead temporary insanity.”  I don’t remember his age, but I’ll guess it was probably 9 or 10.  So, that is the story about the ceiling fan and Jimbo.

On Sunday afternoon Lyndsey and I left, along with our 11 friends for the return trip home.  Pam and her sisters enjoyed a great week at the beach and also taking the ferry to Galveston Island for some additional adventures.

I thank God for providing beaches and friends to enjoy them with, but most of all I thank Him for the many birthdays Pam and I have spent together.  As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, I relish the memories of life with Pam and Lyndsey and can never express my thanks to God for all the ways He has blessed my life.  Thanksgiving Day is just a reminder to be thankful, but each day we should give thanks to God for His many blessings each day of our lives.

Pam and I usually go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving Day, but this year we all decided to change our trip to Christmas.  One reason is that we will be together in Austin for a wedding in a few weeks.  Lyndsey is spending the day with friends and I planned a Thanksgiving adventure for Pam and I.  Pam already knows where we are going.  The surprise came when I told her the plans.  We will travel to Austin on Thanksgiving morning and I have made reservations for 3 PM at : www.Hudsonsonthebend.com I have eaten there a few times, but this will be Pam’s first time.  This is a very fine restaurant and their specialty is wild game.  I have already printed the Thanksgiving Menu and given it to Pam, and have already made my selection….I think.  I’ll give a report on the meal at a letter.

So, give thanks to God for all your blessings and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.






  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Poor Jimbo. Very traumatic experience.

  2. pam Says:

    thanks for the memories….i am so thankful and blessed

  3. frostwire download Says:

    one can argue that it can go both ways

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