It doesn’t take a great big reason for Pam and I to go on an adventure.  It can be a huge adventure or a teeny-weeny one.  I truly believe each day of our lives is an adventure in some way.  If we just look around us each day, there is an opportunity for an adventure.  They can proactive or reactive.  I believe the reactive ones are probably the best.  Rather than do a lot of planning, you just react to a circumstance and then it more spontaneous…it can be a little scary or a little interesting.

As I said, everyday is an adventure, but Pam and I experienced one a couple of weeks.  It was of the reactive kind.  While Pam was preparing supper, she brought me the pair of shoes pictured above.  One of  the diamonds had removed itself from its prongs.  That is DIAMOND spelled SYNTHETIC GEM.  I am an experienced handyman, so I took on the  project of mounting the diamond back in its proper place.  I probably used a little overkill.  All that was needed was to place the diamond back between the prongs and bend the prongs inward to tighten it in place.  Well, I decided to use Gorilla Super Glue and really have a permanent fix.  When you use Gorilla glue, IT IS PERMANENT!  I got a little glue on my finger and then transferred it to upper side of the diamond…BAD NEWS!  This diamond, being plastic, did not appreciate the super glue and lost its glitter.  I had one of those oops.  Permanent damage (sort of cloudy diamond).  The next day I started a googling project to locate the right size fake diamonds.  Hobby Lobby had just what I needed.

So, now it is time for an adventure.  Do you see why I call it a reactive adventure?  I am in trouble and that’s when I react.  A couple of days later, I told her we would drive to Lufkin and see Bobby at Hobby Lobby, and then go to the seafood restaurant and have a crawfish salad.  I can always depend on her to be ready to go.

We arrived at the parking lot a Hobby Lobby and recognized some old friends getting in their crew cab pickup.  When I walked up to the  pickup, I saw a very strange sight.  The husband was seated in the  front seat passenger side and the wife was seated in the back seat passenger side.  It was Freddie and Sharon.  I motioned Freddie to lower his window.  I asked for an explanation of how they were going to drive back to Jasper with both of them on the passenger side (it was his truck).  I thought maybe they had a “shopping” disagreement (fight) in Hobby Lobby and weren’t speaking.  It looked like a stalemate to me.  He explained they had a  chaffeur…his son-in-law.  Now that wasn’t bad…what a deal!

Have you ever thought about what a friend is?  There are a lot different definitions, but here’s one for you.  When Pam and Sharon began visiting, it was like they continued a conversation they had started the last time they were together.  Amazing.  We don’t see this couple often, but it’s like they had visited earlier in the day.  So, a friend is someone who time, distance, and circumstances makes little difference.  When you see them, you are still on the same page.  This type of friend is someone who is interruptible and available when you need them.

So, we visited a few minutes and then went in the store.  They didn’t have the diamonds I wanted.  I think they had sold out their supply.  But, that’s no bad deal, I can look forward to an adventure at another Hobby Lobby.  We left and drove down the highway to the Cajun seafood restaurant for our crawfish salad and it was good as usual.  We also learned something from our young waiter.  Lufkin has the worst tasting water in East Texas.  I can drink it but Pam just doesn’t like it.  She told the waiter and he told her he could fix the problem and it wouldn’t be any illegal.  That was a scary statement from someone who is going to bring you some food.  He brought her water and it tasted fine.  He said all he did was use the hot water from the coffee maker.  So, if the occasion ever arises, feel free to use the lesson we learned.

So, look at all the things that happened on our little adventure.

Speaking of friends, I just thought of a hymn I’ve heard all my life:  “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”  He is the kind of friend I mentioned above.  Neither time, space, or circumstances can separate us from this Friend.  You may drift away from Him due to circumstances, but He is always near.  He is not the one that pulls away…it is us.  But He remains faithful and remains close.  NOW THAT IS AN ADVENTURE!


3 Responses to ““A DIAMOND ADVENTURE””

  1. matt Says:


  2. zburrows Says:

    We need an update on the diamond adventure!

  3. john Says:

    show me

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