I normally provide pictures with my posts, but this will have to be an exception.  Pictures are great to tell a story and help remove the pressure of expressing my thoughts with only words.  Sorry, no pictures available for this post.  So, you will have to bear with me and use your imagination.

This is a story about my mother, who was a rare individual.  Rare, as in unusual, because I learned to expect the unexpected in her actions and words.  Mother loved to fish and this is about one of her fishing trips somewhere on Bedias Creek near where it flowed into Lake Livingston.

She and her husband (Bill) enjoyed fishing and I guess her dogs enjoyed the trips also.  She had two black poodles…one a standard and the other a miniature.  I don’t remember the larger dogs name, but the smaller one was named “Little Bit.”  So, obviously they were sort of “Mutt & Jeff.”

So, on this trip, loaded with fishing tackle, minnows, food, and poodles, they found a great fishing spot to catch Crappies.  There was a leaning tree in the middle of the creek and looked much like a large floating log.  They tied the bowline to the tree and everyone sat on the tree trunk to fish.  I don’t think the dogs actually fished, but with Mother she may have taught them.  She didn’t consider them animals.  She treated them just like people and when she spoke to them, they understood.

So, using your imagination, you can probably see an unusual picture of a man and woman (in their 60’s), fishing on a tree with two dogs in the middle of the creek.  They were probably at least 100 feet from either creek bank.  As luck would have it, the Crappie fishing was really good and the minnow supply began to disappear rapidly.  This presented a problem to Mother.  There was no way she was going to leave her fishing spot for someone to take while they went to get bait.  So, she sent Bill back to the bait shop for minnows while she and the poodles protected their fishing claim.

Now, you really must use your imagination to get the picture.  See if you can picture and elderly woman with  a large and small poodle sitting on a log in the middle of the creek… fishing.  Now comes the part that caused passing fishermen to wonder.  There was no boat tied to the tree, so how did this old woman and two dogs get on the tree in the middle of the creek.  Each passing boat would pass by very slowly and gawk.  Mother didn’t say whether any of them laughed, but I imagine there was laughter when they got out of earshot.

As I said earlier, you could always expect the unexpected from Mother.  I her mind she was only doing the normal thing….fishing with her dogs.  It was the right thing to do.

Other than being amusing, I wondered where the lesson was in this story.  I just can’t end a post without determining why God had me to write about some experience and what is the lesson to be learned. 

As I said, Mother was only doing what she thought was right.  Sometime God leads us into  circumstances in which our actions seem odd, unusual, or out-of-place.  If we feel our actions are right with God, then how they appear to others shouldn’t influence us.  It is just the right thing to do!  Listen to God, be obedient, and let Him handle the end results.


2 Responses to ““FISHING IS FOR THE DOGS””

  1. Pam Says:

    Sweet story and a great memory for u I am sure!!

  2. zburrows Says:

    I have never heard this story. I wish I had my own memories of Grandma, but it is fun to hear yours and of course Pamela’s.

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