Drink water.  Bleed Orange

H2Orange was created by two Texas Exes to help fund academic scholarships and fellowships and internships for UT Austin students.  Their goal is to provide $1 milolion annually to The University of Texas at Austin over the next 10 years and beyond.  To learn more about their clean, crisp, thirst-quenching water, and how it funds academic scholarships, visit www.h2orange.com.  Every bottle you purchase makes a difference.

This water is bottled in a replica of THE TOWER at The University of Texas at Austin.  Pam and  I were in Austin for some Longhorn baseball a few weeks ago and saw this in a jewelry store own by a man who truly bleeds orange.  We picked up a twelve-pack to distribute to friends in Jasper.

While we were in Austin, The Longhorns defeated The Cornhuskers in football, so we were able to drive around Austin after our mexican food feast at The Mercado Mexican Restaurant and view The Tower with the orange lighting.  Unfortunately, the orange lights have not been used lately.  But, it was a beautiful sight on that Saturday night.

On the bottle of H2Orange it states that the water is thirst-quenching and I am sure it is.  The only problem is that you become thirsty again.  Drinking this water is a great enhancement to fill you with The Longhorn Spirit.  There is however, the Living Water who is Jesus Christ.  This brings life and fills you with  His Spirit and you will thirst no more. 

Jesus Christ is a permanent thirst-quencher



3 Responses to ““LONGHORN WATER””

  1. Tracey McKergow Says:

    Hi JB!.. Thank you so much for this wonderful post about H2Orange, especially the reference to our goal of funding $1 million in scholarships. Getting the word out is such an important part of our efforts, and we really appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm for the product!

    Would it be possible to excerpt the verbiage from your blog and post on our website (similar to this post: http://www.h2orange.com/why-i-bleed-orange/187) with a link to our Facebook page? There would be no direct link to your personal blog, unless you would like there to be one.

    Either way, thank you so much for sharing the news about H2Orange! Passionate fans like you have helped us to raise just under $50,000 in academic scholarships for deserving UT students.

    Drink water. Bleed orange.™ Fund scholarships.

    Hook ’em!

    • JBBurrows Says:

      Thanks for the comment Tracey. I blog so people can read, so you may use the post in any way you choose and I would appreciate any link to my blog. Thanks again, Hook’em Horns and God Bless.


  2. limewire info Says:


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